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My weekly gratitude ...

Well my weekly gratitude has worked it's way from
Hello Monday … to Friday
which I think is a perfect way to close out my week
 reflect on all the good!

I'm beginning with this outfit I posted on InstaGram last Friday night.
I meant to get better pictures
because the true beauty of this outfit was the ease it came together
because of accessories!

Last Friday was one of those days
that I couldn't quite decide if I wanted to go to all the work to get ready 
to go out …
 I was pretty comfy in my day wear 
and pretty tiered as well.

So as I compromise to myself
I just left on my day uniform of white jeans,  a linen  tunic and sweater
 then just added accessories
to turn a basic day outfit to evening.

 I added my grey cape
a blod sparkly necklace
and my new Coach glittery kitten heels
which you will be seeing a lot of because 
they go with everything of mine!!

I was so happy I ended up with an outfit I loved
because Jeff and I went to the brand new
Fig and Olive 
in Fashion Island, Newport Beach.
I was so impressed with it's fresh open interior
which really had me missing all things Napa.
The lounge area is very reminiscent of a hotel lobby in it's use of seating.
The down side of this choice is
if you don't get there early enough … you stand.
And by early … this means before 5:00
as the Fig and Olive is enjoying it's status of being
the New hot spot in Newport … at least this month.
I would definitely go back 
but either earlier or not at a prime hour.

When Jeff and I go out on Friday night
our habit usually  begins with an upscale destination
and most often ends at a cozy little hole in the wall.
This evening ended at the Port restaurant in Corona Del Mar
A sweet little venue to end an evening.
We sat outside on the enclosed patio 
with a perfect view of the music.
The Port restaurant is the closest thing we have found to 
the intimate feeling of European cafes.
It was also nice to have a cozy seat after the crowds
at Fig and Olive.

As I mentioned in my last post
I spent time this week fluffing my living and ding rooms
adding in African violets 
that were left over from the birthday party.

I had enough left to make a perfect dining room centerpiece as well.

My courtyard is redressed for the winter months
not that we have had winter yet
although we do have a little mist today.
Non stop sunny days have thrown
California into a  state of emergency drought.
Not good news for this avid gardener.

Speaking of gardening
another one of the things I was grateful for this week
time spent trimming my garden back
including my espaliered citrus.
I planted these citrus along the back fence thinking that they would be 
a beautiful way to cover the fence
and easier to maintain than the vines we had before.
And boy
was I wrong.
A year later they are still having all sorts of trouble
but this week
I finally saw healthy new growth.
This made my heart sing
as it offered me hope in other areas …
that the keeping at something
 even when 
it doesn't seem like anything will work.
Then one day 
when you've almost given up
it all turns around.
Talk about gratitude

I cut my hair this week.
As in I grabbed my scissors and cut off almost seven inches.
I couldn't be happier with my decision!
I gave it my best effort to grow it out
but because of my refusal to 'do' my hair
it never really was a good option for me.
Now I can wear it down with no fuss
and it is ever the healthier.

One of my week highlights
taking my youngest son
who is a senior in high school
shopping for attire for his last winter formal.
It is always such a treat to spend time with him
 so nice to know there are times I still come in handy :)).

I  am grateful I was able to find  a kimono on my trip to Chinatown.
I'm hoping to style it in time for 
monthly gathering of How I Wear My....
This month's topic is pink.

I have an outfit all ready to go to celebrate Chinese New Year!
When I homeschooled my children
my favorite part was always learning about 
different cultures and their traditions.
Now I feel lost in the year if I don't make it to China town
sometime during the New Year
I have some beautiful pictures here 
of last weeks trip.

I will close my weekly gratitude post
with a picture of these beauties.
I think they may be my favorite shoe ever
because not only are they stunning
the kitten heel makes the actually wearable!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. The shoes are gorgeous and look like you could click your heels together and say THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME! I can't wait to see you style the kimono!

  2. Thank you Pam! Happy weekend my dear!

  3. I love your hair down, you look so young and natural and carefree I am dying to see more of the gold drapey above and the shoes are fab! Do you cut your own hair? Me too! I'm not sure that it's straight a the back of course, but who cares?

  4. I used to cut my hair all the time … then began going to the salon … and sitting there for hours … ugh! That why I was so excited to just do it myself … besides I never would have been brave enough to cut so much off … if I didn't just do it in the moment! I haven't been this happy with my hair in years!

    As always my dear Tabitha … so happy for your visit!


  5. Tamera I love your hair, it makes you more youthful than ever! Wonderful Kimono and heels!
    Oh and I love Fashion Island, it has been awhile!
    Thanks for your nice comments!
    The Arts by Karena

  6. What a happy post, perfect to take me into the weekend. I love the shoes too, and can't wait to see the kimono styled. The hint you've given us is tantalizing! And! Look at you with your new locks! Tamera, you're adorable, so youthful looking, and I look forward to seeing you wearing your hair down, loose, and flirty!

  7. Yep, I love the locks too. And, the shoes. And, everything else.

  8. Your hair looks great Tamera! It really suits you like that.

  9. I am truly grateful for your uplifting posts and beautiful photo's today. Your new hair-do is perfect on you. Did you seriously take your own scissors and your own hands to your hair? Have a most wonderful evening spent with your sweet husband.

  10. Tamera dear-I cannot believe that you were brave enough to cut 7 inches off your own hair and have it look so beautiful. Your talents are endless. Your fresh decor, blossoming citrus, Coach sparklers are all making me smile today.
    Happy weekend sweet friend.

  11. Your hair looks very very chic. Good job. You know, Tamera, I am not even a teensy weensy bit of a blingy type girl but I draw so much inspiration from your posts!

  12. You are a very brave woman to take the shears to your own hair! But as the say " Nothing ventured, nothing gained". It looks sensational, I don't know how you can get any more beautiful than you already are, inside and out! Enjoy your weekend! Joanne beauchateau

  13. Thank you for your gratitude post. They will be required reading for me whenI need to count my blessings. Oh, and you know to appreciate it when a teenager wants your advice. Have a lovely weekend. I am so happy to have found your blog.

  14. Oh my goodness. There's so much to comment on in this post. I love discovering little hole in the walls, especially with live music. I shall have to bookmark this post so I can remember this. And I love your new haircut, I know exactly what you mean about seeking ease with the hair. I get my hair cut on Wednesday because it's mostly in a ponytail these days. Also I blame my eldest son for a few more grays that are popping out around my head. So a hair color is in order too. :) I'm so happy you got to spend time with your youngest, I think those senior year events are so precious. Thank goodness for the iPhone camera and all those impromptu pictures.
    Oh, and I agree about your garden. There's something so hopeful about seeing new little buds emerging.
    have a wonderful weekend Tamera.

    Love the hair and the Kimono and the shoes……..
    Your yard is DIVINE!AS are YOU!
    To think we might have been in class together in college over 30 years ago!!!!
    I look forward to discovering more similarities!!!

  16. What lovely places to go to for a night out, and glittery shoes are the perfect accessory!
    Your home always looks stunning, inside and out, and I am loving your hair, Tamera, you look beautiful. xxx

  17. Your hair looks fab! I'm looking forward to seeing you wear it down more often. I can't believe you cut it on your own. Very brave.

    Who are the shoes by? Anything that is kitten heel I'm interested in.


  18. My dear friend there are so many things I want to comment on. Ha ha
    I love your patio it looks so peaceful. I can't wait to see you style that beautiful kimono.

    You hair is gorgeous and all the best to you as you style it on the go. I too have had a change of heart regarding embracing my gray hair. I have found that the strands are not as soft no matter how I condition, etc. So, stay tuned for a fresh shot of color! It's hair after all, not Nuclear Physics!!