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Loving Some Chinese Influence and Stripes

It's still sunny and warm in Los Angeles.

Some of us are beginning to feel a little guilty about our weather
not that we have anything to do with it :))

As beautiful as the weather has been
it does call out for new  'winter dressing' options
here in Southern California.

Summer clothes just don't seem right
the warm weather 
omits any normal winter wardrobe choices.

So  I have become very happy with pairing my

Chinese embroidered jacket
with a sleeveless striped tunic
and my 'white base'

consisting of white jeans
white Juicy bag
white Jeffrey Campbell wedges.

 A jacket with this much detail
calls for just a light springing of accessories
I opted only for my new
Tamera Beardsley Design earrings.

 These beauties are making their way into the shop this week.

 I wore the first incarnation of this outfit for my daughter's 
22nd birthday party I shared  here.

It worked as well for hostessing ….

as it did for a day in Los Angeles.

 I am so happy with the fashion and the function
of my Chinese jacket
I was inspired to 
revisit LA's China town
to see what other fashion treasure I could find!

I did find a couple of new pieces that I am excited to work into my wardrobe
but that's a story for a different day.

Until then I will leave you with some
pictures that celebrate the rich culture and colors
of LA's Chinatown.
They are busy preparing for their New Years Eve this Thursday night!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as your style your life

A special thank you to the 
for her very generous shout out!

A big welcome to all of her
wonderful readers!

Linking up with 
Visible Monday



  1. Hi there, came over from FF, so nice to meet you. Love your do and all the stripey and floral and white trouser goodness. I'm in Norcal (Oakland) but tropical oop here too. 80 degrees when I got in the car the other day. Happy Sunday, take care

  2. I know how you feel Tamera. Our little piece of paradise here in Vancouver has been blessed with comparatively mild weather...eastern Canada is really getting the snow and cold.

    I love your compromise on dressing for your weather, but still honoring winter...You're festive and look so pretty! Lovely photos of China Town!

    I love the teeny balls of twine on your earrings! Such a cute detail and a nod to nautical!

  3. Fabulous jacket!! We are having an amazingly mild winter here! Not sure how I missed your fabulous party for Ellis. Absolutely stunning. I think a book is definitely in order. Your should be sharing your beautiful life with more than just us. Your instincts and creativity are marvelous!! Have a beautiful Sunday lovely one. xo

  4. Absolutely stunning. A fascinating look and a beautiful jacket. Gorgeous photos.

  5. Love this whole post! Your earrings are fabulous as I would expect them to be and I love the jacket so much. I have always been attracted to Chinese pieces and necklaces. This is beautiful and works so well with the stripes! Happy Sunday!

  6. Just adore that embroidered coat! -- Yes, I am jealous of your weather but I dont blame you. I have to hear it from my son anyway and my mom in fL. xoxo

  7. *Gorgeous* pictures of Chinatown! And your Chinese jacket is simply gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  8. What a gorgeous jacket! Wearing it with white really makes the colors pop. And all the colors in that post are so warming for those of use who live further north! :~)

  9. Yay! Stripes with EVERYTHING!!! Great outfit and great shots of Chinatown.

  10. Fabulous and bright as usual! Love the look and yes, absolutely jealous of the weather - over which you have no control. That mother nature is reminding us she all woman!
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  11. Tamera, I didn't realize you were a fellow Californian. I agree with you...I almost feel guilty about the warm weather...Almost:)
    Have anyone ever told you you remind them of Grace Kelly? Anyway, you do to me and I love you very Hollywood style. Have a wonderful week!

  12. I'm just crazy over that's gorgeous, as are your earring designs. I'm going to have to schedule some time to visit Chinatown soon.

  13. I find the shot of stripes in this ensemble very fresh and appealing. You have such great style.

  14. Lovely images and you look super elegant in white and red!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai UAE

  15. You should never feel guilty over enjoying beautiful weather, just enjoy, enjoy and enjoy! I, for one get to enjoy through your fun posts. What a fantastic way of bringing a little winter weather to sunny California with your fabulous jacket. I so love how you paired it with that striped tee and also a little pink for Elle's party. But, then anchoring with your crisp white is the Tamera signature of excellence!

  16. Your jacket is so pretty. I have a plain black Chinese style one that I've had no idea how to wear it. I am going to try the striped top underneath like you've done. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. The jacket is so gorgeous, and pairing it with stripes is a great idea. The shots of LA's Chinatown are beautiful; don't you just feel happy and energized by all that colour and vibrancy? xxx

  18. LA's Chinatown looks amazing, our Chinatown is so so tinny but nonetheless full of little treasures as well!
    Our turn will come as far as temperature, i figure that the worse is almost over for us poor Easterners!
    The jacket is out of this world Tamera! Perfect styling
    The earrings are very pretty, i love the ball of twine, such a pretty detail!

    Take care


  19. I do like the combination of stripes with the Chinese jacket. Only you could really pull it off seamlessly. Thanks for a great post.

  20. Dying over those earrings! So gorgeous! Hope you can stop by and link up to Monday Mingle again! It's live over at BonBon Rose Girls. :)

  21. I love those shoes. I am considering getting a white pair but I don't know if I will wear them around here. Plus they may not look so great on my large feet.
    Your earrings are so gorgeous. I wear the earrings you gave me often and always think of you when I do!
    Happy Monday! xoxo

  22. You pull it off beautifully mixing the stripe with the print. Why, oh why do I always look like I dressed in the dark when I do anything more than the subtlest of print mixing?

  23. How beautiful is that jacket?? And I would never have thought of pairing it with stripes!!!

  24. Tamera your new earrings are absolutely gorgeous! I love your images of China town and all the color. Your outfit is just perfection for a little jaunt to LA.

  25. Thanks so much for sharing your Chinatown photos! They are so beautiful. The kimono is a great colour and pairs nicely with the striped shirts (I sound like I'm talking about wine and food). Love those earrings. They are very glamorous.

  26. My dear, I just love your blog and am really happy Faux Fuchsia introduced me to you. x

  27. Asian beauty! Lovely choices, Tamera. I'm a special fan of anything pan-Asian that we can integrate into our Western culture. Makes me want to run off and read that recently found, unpublished Pearl Buck novel. There is one, did you know? Lots of brilliantly mixed fashion history here and you did it in a very cool-Tamera way. Such a treat for me to see you today!

  28. Just stumbled across your blog from the Visible Monday post and am really enjoying your blog! Absolutely love they way you look in this jacket and your hair is wonderful! I'm a fan of chinoiserie, but have to be careful I don't look too costume-y.