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After yesterdays heartfelt post
I'm lightening things up here  with my entry for this month's edition of
How I Wear My  
and this months topic is 

In case you aren't familiar with
it is a monthly event held by

You can check out their January gathering right HERE.

This is the coat I chose to submit …
But if truth be told…
I didn't really get to wear this beauty 
as it is still in the mid 70's here in Southern California.
But because of 
I at least got to pull it out of my closet
and play dress up :))

My coat is from Target
I pulled it out to go over my new Cynthia Rowley tunic
that I am most excited about because
it is another uniform piece
that I can wear in the studio
 still accessorize and look stylish on errands…
especially when I add  my infinity faux fur scarf
and leopard pumps!

I pulled out one of my charm bracelets ...
Whipped up some new earrings ...
and a coordinating brooche.
and was set for a day in the studio
sans accessoires
and stylish shopping
with accessories!

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Gosh the earrings and necklace are wonderful, you're so talented! Worn with great panache with these lovely glamorous outfits.

  2. I cannot tell you how much I love that big snowflake pin!!!! It is so cool...this complete look head to toe is fabulous, Tamera! You are so creative and!

  3. The colour of the coat is fabulous! It's a shame it's too hot to wear it. You could always send it up my way :) Everything about this outfit is 'happy', 'sunny' and 'playful'. I could go on and on.

  4. I love how much fun you bring to your wardrobe. Colour, detail, is so refreshing and different. It must be your artistic flair which you use in your studio, home and dressing yourself. You are such an inspiration.

  5. You make that Target coat look expensive!

    Please send some warmth and sunshine up here.


  6. I find your style very daring and exciting, and your blog most captive! Lovely outfit, once again!

  7. I love your charm bracelet Tamera! You always look so charming!

  8. You are eye candy, a delight, a feast for the eyes!


  9. Tamera, you look absolutely wonderful. The coat is beautiful, and the neck is cute. The tunic is very nice, the whole look is nice, youthful and very modern. I like ballerinas and pink bag two chic details. Jewelry is wonderful. Beautiful post.

  10. I so wish I could put on a coat and have sunshine in my soul as well. This is such a happy happy photo, I think I might just frame it.

  11. Love how colourful your looks are. No chance of coats here. I live in Fucshia territory, where we've been suffering from 40 degree days (over 100 Fahrenheit)! I love your accessories that you whipped up. Clever you.

  12. You're just lovely! Great pieces and I love that coat. Hope you're staying warm! :-)