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Hello Gratitude

 Hello my friends.

Hello gratitude.

The more I do these gratitude posts 
the more I realize the power of

I can actually feel my mood
 energy change as I do them.

I am lifted from sadness and worry
optimism and love.

Because sometimes it is when we are broken open

we can find 
if we look really hard.

And sometimes
that is when we need gratitude most.

I have even come to a place
that I now realize
as much as a situation can hurt
there can be much soul growth involved.

For that I am grateful.

Through my journey
I have learned so many things

but probably one of the most important is

You see
If you met me years ago
you probably wouldn't have liked me much

In my attempt to be a perfect parent
I was pretty comfortable judging others
Thinking if they did things with as much effort and intent

you get the picture.

I will never judge again.

I have been humbled to my knees.

And I know that is
 a gift.

 Because as much as we judge others

not only does that disconnect us from each other

We can not escape self judgement in the process.

As I have learned compassion, kindness and empathy for others

I have been able in the process
to offer 
compassion, kindness and empathy 
to myself.

 So you see


it is the darkest of times
when the  hurt feels unbearable

it is right here

when you are broken wide open

that there may be moments
 you can truly look inside 
your own 

 because of the great pain
that you want to ease


you can in that moment

give up
justifying your actions

 truly ask

how can I do this better.


answers begin to drift in

and for that 

my heart and soul

are so 


I wish you all a promising new week

 will leave you with this beautiful reminder

"One kind word
can change someone's entire day"

I thank you for all of your kind words
they too,
have touched my soul.

As always my friends 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life 
 find your own gratitudes.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, the power of kindness.

      I so enjoyed your flashback post my dear … made my heart smile in recognition of an era long ago …


  2. Oh, yes trying to be the perfect parent replete with home baked treats and PBS can make it easy to judge others. Parenting can be quite humbling. Thank you for your thoughtful blog. I have only recently found it and enjoy it immensely.

    1. Cornelia, thank you very much for your kind words and your visit. it is always such a pleasure to hear from you.

      And … oh yes … we were all about PBS here :)) I was really hoping there was a special parenting formula so everything … and everyone … would turn out just the way I had hoped :))

  3. I think being judgmental wanes as we age. I went through a period like of being judgmental of certain people in my life. It doesn't make you feel good to constantly judge and more often than not, it's our own selves we are judging and criticizing by way of projection.

    Kind words are golden!
    I hope you have a lovely week, xo

    1. Yes Adrienne, I agree, I know life has taught me not to judge … and believe instead we are all doing the best we can … with what we know at the time. I have become much more accepting of others … and in turn myself … which makes me think it was really me I was criticizing all along. Mary Ann Williams says "when you judge others, you are really holding the sword over your own head."

      Truly learning this … has been one of the many gifts of aging. Wisdom can be very freeing .. and I for one have no yearning to be 'young' again.

      Thank you my dear for your visit and words!


  4. When I was "humbled to my knees" was when my eyes were opened and joy came in. I know what you mean....and one kind word will make your day!

    1. Thank you Pam … so beautifully said!

      I so enjoyed your article today on personal style on the Midlife Boulevard!


  5. Knowledge is what you learn wisdom is what you earn.


    1. Oh this is good Suzanne! Yes, so true … sometimes there is much 'earning" involved :))


    2. This post brought me to tears. As always, you inspire me. Blessings to you sweet Tamera!

  6. You are speaking my language!
    Love, kindness and acceptance and of course the all powerful gratitude.
    May you know peace, comfort and joy this week.

  7. Well, I've known you for .. wait for it .. 20 Years! So, I disagree with your comment about probably not liking you then, 'cause I've liked you for a couple decades by now.
    And one of the things I value in you, is your willingness to put yourself out there. Meaning, I admire your courage!
    Because .. I admire that you Have an opinion, and you state it.
    Judgement is an opinion. Condemnation is another matter, not so healthy.
    Judgement is mental scrutiny of choices. Because you're making a logical evaluation, it indicates a pattern of learning is taking place.
    You are a learner. Beacause as you evaluate, you also have a gracious heart, which ultimately tries to embrace. Once comfortable, you do. That's who you are, and frankly, that's who pretty much everyone is. The variable is the time it takes to become comfortable with someone.
    Judgement is a gift. It can be misused, yet througout the years I've known you, your ability to use Judgement as a tool to learn and be a better parent and person, is constantly implemented. I think judgement is what has made you into the person you are, in a good way. It is the successful use of judgement into growth, that sets you apart.
    So judge all you want, in balance with grace!
    <3, D

  8. ... and that first photo is SICK!

  9. I look forward to you 'gratitude' posts, Tamera. Your words resonate with my experiences and 'humbled to my knees' rings true.

  10. Tamera dear-this is such a powerful post. I appreciate your honesty in sharing your journey and your process of growth, nurturing and acceptance. Isn't it fascinating that as we learn to accept and love the child within it is so much easier to love and accept others? That is one the cornerstones of the program we use with our students with emotional disabilities. Your words are powerful and your gratitude is resonates in the life you lead.
    xx, Heather

  11. Tamera, Loved this. So true all of it. I agree with Adrienne, I have become a lot less judgmental as I age..I do think it is the realization that there is no right way to do things and we all are finding our way..I am still learning every day. Gratitude helps bring what really matters into focus!
    Thanks for the inspiration dear friend! xxoo