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Hello Gratitude

 Now that  the holidays are  officially behind me
I am back to my normal schedule.
So it is  once again time for some

These are some of my favorite posts to do 

because I  believe 
we become what we think of most
 actively practicing 

has changed my life
even during difficult times.

Because …

So here is what I'm grateful this week ….

First off, our weather here in Southern California
has been spectacular!

I am very grateful this week to have gotten to see more of LA.
This weekend Jeff and I had to make a run to LA
for supplies for my upcoming collection
so we made a point of exploring some new areas in downtown on foot.

If you are ever in LA

is a must see, especially on a sunny day
when the sun's movement
turns it into a morphing sculpture
always changing with the light…
 there is even more beauty to be found inside.

My tip for cocktails in Downtown LA

would have to be
 The Perch

which is located 13 floors above LA
So sitting out on the patio at sunset
is the perfect way to see LA
redress herself in sparkly night lights.

I am so very grateful for our blogging community
 was so very excited to see
the beautiful Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb
do such a fabulous roundup of 
40+ bloggers!
To see age celebrated just makes my heart sing!
You can check out this fabulous post HERE.

I am so very grateful to this whole blogging experience
for it has truly changed my life
 reignited passions
I thought I was too old for …
 now I know
 we never out grow being passionate about life
for it is always unfolding
we just have to train ourselves to focus on it's beauty 
the gifts that come with age.

I came up with the idea for a series

Write the Blog You Want to Read
Because it Will Help You Find the Life 
You Want to Live

over a year ago
 am now going to once again write on it
beginning this week.

Because Now I know it is True
and it  really works 
because ...

I once again have my designing Mojo back
 there was definitely
a time I thought I would never find my way back …
but I did
 it was blogging that got me here.

So for any of you out there that are even contemplating blogging
follow along with this series.

I always tell people I feel like a blog evangelist
because I think everyone can benefit from blogging
because we all have our own story to share!

Lastly I am so excited this week
to be throwing a pretty pink  birthday party
for my darling daughter
who turns 22 on Saturday
 is coming home to celebrate her birthday!
There is much preparation in the works, pulling pieces and
writing party prep lists.

as always my dear friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life
find your own gratitudes.


  1. Hi Tamera,

    Tks for this fantastic post and reminding us to be grateful for what we have -
    I never thought of that - Write the blog you would like to read - Food for thoughts!



    1. Thank you Ariane for your kind words! Yes, the idea for Writing the Blog You Want To Read, has been percolating inside me for quite some time … as I have seen it work itself out in my life.


  2. Yay, my favorite post of the week. I do love your "write the blog you would like to read" that has helped me realize why and what to blog about. I'm so wishing I knew Elle and loved next door, I'm just itching to help with the party planning and celebration. Love the pretty in pink theme. Looking forward to your photos. Send her my love.

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend! This concept has been growing inside me … as I have seen my life change from a women who was coming to close to bitterness and resentment of life … to now a woman who is inspired in the morning with the possibilities of a new day!

      Wouldn't that be so fun if you lived nest door … Oh the parties we could throw … even if they were simply for the two of us! I know Ellis would adore you as much as I do … for your heart is so full of love … you radiate to others!


  3. Dearest Tamera .. such a wonderful post. Loving your suggestion "write the blog you would like to read" ... and it will help you find the life you want to live.... blogging has most definitely helped me get through these past years post accident recovery. Part writing and the fabulous blog friends who inspire and encourage you to keep moving forward - have been therapeutic. Hugs and Blessings, C. (HHL)

    1. Thank you Celia for your encouraging words. You and you blog, are both so inspirational and I am ever so impressed how you have used your journey for such good. I think that turning hardships into stepping stones for a richer and more soulful life, is one of the cornerstones to living a full and happier life. I too, have gained so much from blogging and much in the same way as you … blogging has truly changed my life.


  4. Squeee! I've been waiting patiently for your blog series... I'm happy you have your design mojo back. Although the creativity never really leaves us, it can morph into different expressions. You've been raising people Tamera! I've also come to a better understanding that our creative fires cannot burn continuously or they will simply burn out. All about finding balance, of which I still seek, LOL.

    1. Dear Sue … you have definitely been patient my dear … that is so sweet!! I am very excited to share my thoughts on this topic … I'm working to be able to tell my story in a way that can inspire others to find the many gifts I have found from blogging. I so appreciate your support and your very beautiful and cheerful voice in our blogging community!

  5. Dear Tamera, I always enjoy your grateful posts,a gentle reminder to focus on the good things in our lives . Your pink tea party will be ever so pretty, she is a lucky girl to have such a clever and creative mother.
    Looking forward to "write the blog you would like to read", , you are always so generous with your advice and encouragement.Thankyou.

    1. Thank you dear Jill for your very kind and encouraging words! I am so happy you have joined our blogging ranks! I am very proud of You!!

      Your Chanel sunglasses with the pearl trim … have me knowing just how much we have in style common!!


  6. I can't wait to see the party photos. You always have the best decorations.

    Looking forward to the new series.

    I keep vacillating between wanting to make my blog more successful and simply wanting it to be a blog I would like to read. One negates the other.


  7. Thank you Suzanne for your kind words!

    I am most intrigued by your idea that making a blog successful is different than writing one you want to read … very interesting indeed … and opens up so many marvelous questions! Like what does one define success as … what are one's blogging goals … and are we writing blogs we would want to read … or writing what we think others want to read. Thank you my dear for this lovely morsel to contemplate … this one is truly a gift!


  8. Tamera what a wonderfully uplifting post - things we are thankful for, so inspiring! I'm very envious of your warm weather, I'm sure it helps people's moods...! Thank you so much for featuring my post, I'm really flattered that you liked it, it was made very special by the contributions from all those fabulous ladies. And good luck with getting back into designing - I had a scroll through your post with all those shoots featuring your jewellery, you could wear pretty much all those pieces now!! Wonderful stuff :))

    Catherine x

  9. Tamera dear-You definitely have your design mojo back and what fun it is to see what's coming next. Have a wonderful birthday party this weekend and I know you will make it fabulous. Loved seeing you and Jeff on New Years Eve.
    xx, Heather