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Christmas ... What I Wore

 I finished my new Christmas brooch necklace
just in the nick of time for
Christmas Eve dinner!

 I spent last year searching for vintage holiday brooches
large enough to do the statement piece I would be excited to wear.
The three large red flowers
that brought it all together
are actually ornaments!

 Each year we host dinner at our house
so the Saint James breton I got in Paris
paired wonderfully with my anthropolgie ball skirt...
I always love the  mixing of casual and glam ...
It fits my SoCal lifestyle perfectly.

 The silver ballet slippers I bought at 
L'Opera in Paris were the perfect finishing touch 
for my hostessing ensemble!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Hello, my are you looking festive and gorgeous! This necklace is stunning and I like it with the stripes and floral print. Hope your Christmas was fun and I'm looking forward to your post in the upcoming year.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Hi Tamera!!! You have become my fashion inspiration and style icon!! I am also so frequently moved by your very open sharing of your experiences as your life unfolds. I wish you and your whole family a New Year infused with re-connection and gentle warm breezes. Eleanore

  3. What a fun and festive ensemble! So perfect for a SoCal Christmas.

  4. This ensemble could not be more perfect. It is festive, yet classy, and chic, and stylish, and even playful. But the best part is that you somehow put an elegant outfit together that is also practical for being the Hostess. You are such a glamorous role model. (Tori says I need to step it up a few notches, haha). Our jaws are still on the ground admiring that beautiful creation of yours, yes, I'm talking about the necklace. Wow, your talent for creating beauty is astounding.

  5. What a surprise .. ornaments worn as necklaces! ;)
    This celebration of jeweled pieces adds sparkle and color befitting the Season!
    Absolutely beautiful, Tamera!

  6. I want everything you are wearing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    That necklace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Très chic Tamera!
    St-James sweater that is high casual wear with the maxi skirt perfect
    Oh God! this necklace of yours is wonderful, i wonder how long it took you to find all the pieces
    Ah Paris! We have plans for the end of the summer to get for our honeymoon, can't wait, such an amazing city!

    As far as our common heart braking issue, me too i decided to embrace the good things in life - Gee! i did my best with her and tried to talk to her but it didn't work , so let it be for the moment -

    Big hugs Tamera!


  8. Tamera, you always look radiant in your mix of glam and casual. Your Christmas Eve outfit is a perfect marriage of the two elements, but the star of the show is your fabulous necklace. So, so very you! Wishing you the very brightest blessings for the New Year! xo

  9. What an adorable holiday outfit! Beats the pants off a Christmas sweater and tights and Uggs! Gorgeous creation, your necklace. Happy New Year again, pretty lady.