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... fur vest love ...

Well after a week of almost 90 degree temperatures
we finally had almost a chill here in Southern California
Which meant
I could
Finally pull some pieces from my fall wardrobe.

I have waited so long to wear my new Rachel Zoe vest.

I am an absolute jacket lover ...
and sometimes  a jacket just seems too stiff 
or constricting for some occasions
so I have found 

a fur vest 
to be a great alternative.

Friday night Jeff and I went to a newly opened restaurant in 
Laguna Beach 
 the vest 
 a mass of accessories
worked perfectly for  our date night.

Which by Saturday
had me thinking of my  grey fur vest from last year
remember ... my fabulous find at Costco
(they even brought them back this year).
It is a shorter vest... thus works with flats as well.

I decided to style it with the same accessories...
but with some flats for some shopping.

Still wanting to work my vest look some more...

I added my favorite fur collar from Italy...
which I think will transition perfectly for  this evening's hostessing.

 Jeff and are lucky enough
to entertain another of my favorite bloggers and her husband
who are in town this weekend.

I always say...
my favorite part of blogging ...
is the marvelous connections we can all make.
Enjoy your week!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as your style your life


  1. Oh my goodness, Tamera, I love this outfit so much and am not surprised to find out it is a Rachel Zoe Vest. I love the vest and the necklace and two looks amazing. We have 90 degree weather today...such a bummer. Here's wishing you cooler temps this week!

  2. Oh you two must stop complaining about the hot weather. Here in Boston, last week it was too COLD to take pics outside and the sun is low on the horizon so for the next couple of months, my pictures are going to stink! Tamara, I have a plan to go to the west coast within the next 2 years, so hopefully we will be entertaining each other soon~
    Oh and LOVE the dual pearl bracelets! xoxo

  3. I am obsessing over your chunky jewelry ~

  4. You look so fabulous my dear friend! I've been out of town-with blogger fun- and am just catching up with my fave blogs. The blogger who will be hosted at your house, as I have been recently, will be a lucky lady. Can't wait to hear more. Love the RZ vest by the way!
    xx, Heather

  5. Beyond fabulous, my dear Tamera, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Much love and admiration.

  6. Hi there! I just found your blog via Patti for Visible Monday- I really love your outfit and your vest is totally gorgeous too! Have a great week!

  7. Heavenly Tamera!! I agree, a jacket is the polish to an outfit and a vest is the perfect alternative when the weather doesn't allow for one. This little number, complete with collar, is simply sublime! It's amazing on you, especially loaded up with beads galore :). xoxo

  8. Oh, my.. your pairings are so so luxurious! I hope to own some coats like those one day..


  9. Glam girl goes shopping... Tamera... love your style... you make me what to try harder. I have been lucky these past months to even put on makeup. Thanks for making me "think" about myself again. xo B

  10. This is A BRILLIANT BRILLIANT OUTFIT !!! Love the fur, love the slipper-esque shoes, love the sunglasses and the lipstick. LOVE IT ALL!!!!
    India xx

  11. I am a big fan of furry vests and have a couple that I can't wait to wear when it gets cold. You look sooo elegant in yours, with your oversized pearls and sun glasses - very Glam!

  12. Tamera, I totally remember the vest from last year! Specifically because I searched for it and never found it in Toronto. ;)
    Looking absolutely glamourous and stunning as always. xo

  13. Tamera, you are always fabulous! Enough said :)

  14. Oh Tamera! So love your furry friends and how you accessorized the last image with this gorgeous pearls :-)

  15. Yes! I LOVE a good, full-on wintry vest for fall in a mild climate! Perfection. As always.
    Our weather seems like the opposite of yours this month. May we both have plenty of vest weather soon!