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Thanksgiving Hostessing

I have my outfit for hosting Thanksgiving dinner finished
 I can't wait to wear it to wear it to 
our family dinner Thursday!

I have been wanting
 a big ball skirt for hostessing at home
for some time now.

So when I saw this beauty at Anthropolgie
I knew I had to make it mine!

I am pairing it with my favorite
denim shirt from Juxtoposition in Crystal Cove
I layered the denim shirt over a cotton striped tank
to add more depth
 visual interest.

I always enjoy the interplay
or dressy with some 
intentional casual pieces
highlighted with 
big punches of accessories.

I am again using my
pearl encrusted cuffs
my pearl necklaces

that I made into one necklace today.

I have been wearing these necklaces
just tied at different lengths
but they always got so jumbled.

I decided to sew them into a single necklace
by attaching each one to some doubled velvet ribbon.

Now they hold their shape
 wear so much easier.

Now instead of a jumble of knots in the back
I just tie one knot
and let them cascade down the back.

I am now officially ready for Thanksgiving

as I said before

My wonderful husband
and darling daughter

love doing the cooking the Thanksgiving cooking!
(We make such a great team here!)

so ...

Now that my Thanksgiving 
is all lined up...

I can get back to my Christmas prep ...
only my room is done so far ...
I can't wait to share that with you next week!

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

linking up with
Visible Monday


  1. This is gorgeous, Tamera. You are so talented!! That skirt is so perfect for being the most fabulous hostess around...and the smile you topped it with makes all the difference!

  2. Beautiful look, Tamera. I love the giant pearl necklace. Bravo! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  3. I am In Love with your skirt. You look beautiful. Isn't Anthropologie wonderful?

  4. Ok, first off, that smile just warms my heart and throws immense energy our way. You, my dear friend, could not have found the more perfect skirt for you. Yes, has Tamera wriiten all over it. I really think anthro needs to hire you. Boy or boy do you know how to put together an outfit to the very last detail. Hostest with the mostest!!! If this is any indication as to how your Thanksgiving will be, it's sure to hold many glorious memories.

  5. Gorgeous! Love the pearl necklace ... That skirt is brilliant! xo C. (HHL)

  6. That skirt is so theatrical. Especially when paired with your necklaces. Great idea to sew them together. Your pieces are always so dramatic.


  7. Wow; what a necklace! And what a skirt--I saw it at Anthro and it looks gorgeous on you! xoxo Happy Thanksgiving

  8. What a clever solution for the necklace. Your mix of glam and casual is fabulous as always.

  9. Fabulous necklace!! The whole outfit looks so festive and comfortable at the same time. Beautiful , my friend. You are so glamorous:)
    Be well. xoxoJennifer

  10. Fabulous DIY necklace ( I am going to try), wonderrful skirt, print clash, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. I adore your skirt and the way you wear it! Your hair is stunning! xxx

  12. Absolutely stunning, the skirt works magic, and the way that you styled it is pretty awesome!

  13. That is a seriously beautiful skirt, Tamera.
    You're decorating for Christmas already? My goodness, you are organised! xxx

  14. Wow! You are definitely the "Hostess with the Mostest"! That is one fabulous skirt, and the necklace is a stunner. You look just gorgeous.

  15. You look just lovely - hostess perfection! What a great necklace too. Love everything!


  16. You look lovely and the way I always imagined myself when hosting a smart dinner party.

  17. How wonderful to look, I love this skirt, its stamping and shape. The top is also beautiful look, this necklace is fantastic. Beautiful, really beautiful and elegant.

  18. This is a great outfit and the skirt is elegant. What a fun outfit for hosting a get together. I love your necklace especially the way it ties in the back.

    blue hue wonderland

  19. Gorgeous! I love the mix of the denim and striped top with this beautiful skirt...and the accessories make this look even that much more marvelous.

  20. Dramatic and gorgeous look, Tamera! Your necklace is art, and the skirt is such a statement. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  21. Wow! What a fabulous skirt! You are the hostess with the mostest!!! (remember that phrase?) What a cool necklace to make. It would drive me nuts tho. On me, yes, I would be consistently messing with it and fiddling with it until I took it off. I do scarves. Most necklaces are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying on You have the maturity for them that I NEVER developed, and that is ok. lol

  22. Beautiful outfit. Love the ball gown skirt. I like how you paired it with the denim shirt and statement necklace.

  23. I love it ... the tank, beads and shirt work a treat with that completely elegant skirt. She shoots, she scores! As always. Lovely you. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!