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... a neighborhood gathering ...

 This weekend  I am working on ideas for styling my Thanksgiving table
I realized I never properly shared my neighborhood gathering
nor did I share some tips I have learned 
after doing this party fourteen times over the years.

All of these steps and party preparation can easily translate 
to so many occasions.

The beginning point for me on this 
Pre-Trick or treat gathering 
 every party
is always a fun invite.
Nothing sets the mood and anticipation for an event 
like a festive invite!
I like mine to feel like a little present 
setting the stage for the up coming event.

These were done by printing off the necessary info..
cutting them down..
layering them onto a brown card stock...
and then layering once again onto the black and white card stock.
I did eyelets
and tied them with a them with twine.

The darling bunting was from Michaels...
I bought several different novelties 
so each invite could be a little different.

Which made assembling them so much more fun!

When I finished the invites
I was so tickled with the bunting on the invite...
I decided to make bunting the visual focus for the gathering
which was to have a fall harvest feel.

I brought the invite with me to the fabric store
 pulled  only colors and prints that I LOVED
This ended up to be a key to finishing the bunting early
 it was such a Joy to work with the materials!

I have had many a project run out of steam in the middle...

So now I make projects simpler and work only with materials I am excited about...
 I can stay excited all the way through to completion.

My favorite bunting I did...

was this one made out of antique doilies from my Grandmother.

I simply folded them in half
and made a quick running stitch to 
attatch them to the cotton twill tape...
so as not to damage these family heirlooms.

I know this bunting will be one I use again and again...
so much so I am on the hunt to collect more doilies.
After all of these years
I finally found a perfect and modern use for them.

Because the gathering is just that ...
a gathering of neighbors
old and new
before the trick or treating begins...

It  takes place out front on our driveway..
keeping things simple for everyone.

I covered the garage door with drop cloths
added the bunting

The table is made up of 2 saw horses topped by a closet door
draped with another drop cloth
finished off with a fall throw.

Out came my vintage baskets, wooden boxes and trays....

I used pumpkins and apples for a bountiful harvest feel this year.

I put out store bought fall cakes ...

and breads...
The table ends up overflowing with food...
as my amazing neighbors always contribute deliciously!

I set up a cart as a drink station...
plastic cups in a basket
with vintage coffee pots  we keep filled with apple cider
 plenty of water to be restocked for the thirsty trick or treaters..
 wine for the4 grown ups.

I keep all the restocking within reach
unseen under the table.clothed table
I brought a small table for utensils and such...
which provided a perfect place for the necessary trash can.

Lining both sides of the driveway with hay bales 
 brought home the 
fall harvest feeling...
while also providing informal seating with the use of some fur throws.

This was the first gathering I had thrown since my daughter left for college...
My kids grew up with this being a yearly family event 
that they all participated in.

so... when they began to leave...
I thought I was done.

This past year families who had taken over this tradition for the  past few years...
moved off the street... and new families moved in.

I realized this year the importance of this tradition continuing...
to build a new sense of community here on our street...


 celebrate the returning of old neighbors...
who will be friends for life...
no matter where they live.

My heart is so full of love for this neighborhood...
old and new.

This pre trick or treat gathering 
started 18 years ago ...

as a way to meet the new neighbors ...
in a new neighborhood...

I never knew then ...
how this would become a tradition
I would cherish...
all these years and phases later.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I'm so glad you are keeping this tradition alive, Tamera.
    I've learned tradition is comforting, and the priveledge of having created the lives we want, an absolute gift!
    No matter where we all live, The Hill is always home!
    Thank you Forever, for making my life even better, because of who you are.

  2. I'm amazed and impressed at the thought and detail you put into this simple gathering. Everything looks so festive and inviting! What a nice tradition.

  3. I love how you have thought of everything. You have such a gift for decorating....Martha Stewart magazine should have been there to do a photo shoot.
    Great idea for a neighbourhood event and I am sure many wonderful memories have been formed over these 18 years.

  4. How lovely to keep the community spirit going with this tradition. Your bunting and wonderful displays look great, and you look exceptionally glamorous, of course! xxxx

  5. So many great tips. This all looks professionally styled. You have thought of every little detail. I want to go next year! : )

    BTW…I have started going to Estate sales and often find vintage doilies at decent prices. Let me know if you want me to pick some up for you and what size you are looking for.