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my little bedroom sanctuary is dressed for the holidays

My bedroom is one of my very favorite rooms in our little house.
It is calming retreat
that functions as  a
 a luxurious sanctuary
it's dressed for the holidays!

I saw the very delightful 
Faux Fuchsia's tree going up weeks ago on instagram

 I knew then I just had to get my bedroom tree up
 my little room dressed for the season of celebrations!

My room is always dressed in layers and layers of textures
and pillows.
As a matter of fact
my bed has 18 pillows in total
although they are hard to see here...
they enable my bed to function much like a 
chaise you can sink right into
but they remain hidden behind my large knit pillows
so as not to be visually distracting.

I love the luxury of comfort and soothing textures
with a calm neutral pallet.

In dressing my room
I have simply sprinkled a few sparkly lovelies  around.

Just enough to add a 
little holiday delight.

Candles are also a mainstay in my bedroom
all year long.

It is my 
bedroom Christmas tree
that makes me so happy
all season long
it greets me in the morning
 just as happily at the end of the day.

I know there is even more debate this year about decorating too early
but I couldn't be happier that my bedroom tree 
has been up for weeks.

I got it up early
without any holiday stress
with plenty of time to marvel in the process 
 lovingly place ...

all of my cherished memories onto my pre lit tree

with carols and candle light in the back ground

it was a soulful endeavor

with none of the hurry to 
get putting up my tree
 checked off my to do list.

Now when I look at my tree
I not only see it's overall beauty
the  cherished memories of the individual ornaments

I remember the beauty in the process

I am reminded of the importance for me
to slow down
and cherish the journey.

To scale back and simplify

so that 
I can have time to savor and enjoy.

So I have revised my holiday to do list
  I have picked only three projects that I would like to complete
after the remainder of my decorating is calmly finished this weekend

I have put them in order ...

1. I want to finish my holiday brooche necklace 

2. Make candles.  I can't tell you how many years this has been on my list.
and how many years we have gathered supplies 
only never to get to it.
I do know it has been so long ago I was still 
homeschooling my children :))
This year I am setting aside a day to finally do this
I know it will make my heart happy.

3. Make bread dough ornaments and tags.  My pinterest Christmas board has been collecting
this idea for quite some time.
I would enjoy getting to this one.

That is the extent of my crafting list this year.

I have my decorating list tightened up.
I have list of a few things to add to my garden 
to make it sing a little for the holidays.

Gifting is on schedule

So as I delight in my 
little sanctuary 
dressed for the holidays

I am reminded
 to savor and enjoy
this holiday season.

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


Savor and enjoy your 
Holiday Season

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  1. Dear Tamera, your bedroom is such a luxurious retreat.
    I love the knit pillows and the mercury glass candles shimmering with warmth and light.

    The Arts by Karena

  2. gorgeous! so restful. Thanks for the shout out!!! my list is less glam "clean the fridge" etc xx

  3. Oh La La ... your bedroom is a luxurious retreat! I too am a huge fan of lots of pillows on the bed. Happy week ..xo C. (HHL)

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous, restful retreat!

  5. Your bed is like a magical tent! I love it.


  6. Marie Antoinette would swoon over your bedroom!

  7. Tamera, your bedroom is beautiful! I love how you decorated. I homeschooled my children as well.

  8. Where a Christmas Fairy sleeps, silver shimmers, candles flicker, enveloping fur and warmth. Crystals dangle, pearls shine, memories of little ones grown. The house of a Fairy with touches of magic, sprinkles of Christmas love. There sits a Santa, memories engendered of children's enchantment aglow. Seeing Santa enter, presents remembered, walks gathering mistletoe.
    A Fairy is precious. Her kingdom savored, with details of memories sewn. Each little memory, Christmas gone by, is what makes a Fairy's home glow.

  9. My dear, your bedroom is fit for a queen! Just lovely.

  10. Your bedroom looks very feminine and heavenly - what a delightful and luxurious retreat!