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... a SoCal alfresco fall brunch ...

The weather is stunning here in Southern California
 in October!

 I have mentioned before...
if you are ever contemplating what month to visit 
October in Southern California  is just the best!

So when we had the privilege of hosting
Heather from StyleMindChic 
and her husband Scott and sister Dorie...
for brunch on Sunday...

I knew it had to be an alfresco brunch!

Talking with my wonderfully talented daughter Ellis,
(who by the way is studying event planning at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo),
Ellis suggested
 furnished me
 an apple inspired menu.

So of course...
I was so excited to
 incorporate the menu into the brunch styling!

Ellis and Jeff and I all make a great team...
they love everything about the food...
I on the other hand am All about styling the scene!

My first step for setting the scene for a
fall alfresco brunch....

Lining our 12 foot farm table with apples of course!

I simply removed the candles...
 when the beautiful Adrienne from Rich Life on a Budget and her husband came for dinner.

 topped them with apples!
(last summer for Ellis's bon voyage party to Italy...
it was tomatoes... seen here.

From the centerpiece...
layering the rest... 
is always just so fun!

Of course
 what to wear
while hosting an alfresco fall brunch...
did take some extra thought...

but ...
I ended up quite happy with my choice.

I layered two dresses from Anthropologie...

My other  parameters for choice were...
fall colors... (to coordinate with the brunch styling).
weather suited.... (it was over 80 degrees... which always nixes so many fall options here)
Something comfortable... (being a proper hostess always comes first in my picks)
and of course...
an ensemble that makes my heart happy!

and pockets...
 an added bonus!
I kept the accessories simple...simple for me :)) ...
with just earrings,
a collection of bracelets...
and a beautifully embellished belt from Anthropologie this season.
With my outfit very happily complete...
all effort can now be on styling the meal!

 To make styling a meal a fun enterprise...
I Always set my table the day before...
I am not a person whose creativity is made better with stress...
quite conversely...
I like ample time to play with my set ups.

This year I have been collecting all different  white and cream dishes...
so I can set each place setting a little different,

For a farm table feel...
place cards were made by combining...
wooden easels  with chalk board tags strung with jute...
My table decor was kept very clean and minimal...
so the added texture of the jute and wicker placemats can really pop for a fall feel.

Another styling element that I was really tickled with...
mason jars for glasses...
milk bottles filled with water...
making refills  in easy reach for everybody...
another nod to a family farm style table aesthetic.

The apples down the center perform wonderfully...
and when the meal is served...

I simply slide them side by side...
opening up the table scape for serving
family style!

Before meal nibbles and drinks are always a party must...
even for brunch!

I set two outside 'coffee tables'
up with everything we needed...

Champagne on ice for brunch mimosa is a given...

as are some light and colorful nibbles...

Another functional styling tip I was very happy with...
I placed the orange juice for mimosas...
in a narrow pitcher...
that could then fit into a standing ice bucket...
insuring ice cold OJ all morning long.

Glasses were set out on a soapstone platter...
which I popped by simply placing some oranges on as well.

Party favors were wrapped and tied together
with some coordinating lantana from the garden...

It is all of these little styling details...
that can show your guests just how happy and honored you are...
 to have them visit!

Thank you Heather and Dorie and Scott...
for making time in your SoCal vist...
for an
 alfresco brunch with Jeff and I
I adore you all!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a lovely setting you created for your brunch! Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time. I know from experience that you are one amazing hostess, Tamera!

  2. It all looks so glorious Tamera!! So much thought and care went into everything and it shows!! Beautiful brunch. Love your apple theme.

  3. Beautiful photos and a wonderful dress, I love your look today, has some beautiful fall colors and great design. That most interesting menu, looks very good and the decor is superb.

  4. You are the ultimate hostess, Tamera...stylish from table to dress! How much fun you guys must have had.

  5. How fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was I was there.

  6. My goodness what a fabulous spread. Looks like it was taken out of the pages of Bon Appetite! I want to come to your next party : )

    Your styling is immaculate. I love those little easels with chalkboards! Where did you find them?

    Your look perfectly reflects the mood of the table you set. Simple, classic but with a creative twist.


  7. Just beautiful, Tamera. This is a beautiful time of the year, isn't it?

  8. What a gorgeous table- set by a beautiful woman.

  9. Tamera dear-just seeing this gorgeous post makes my heart sing. It was absolutely enchanting to be in your home and garden for alresco brunch. You and Jeff are the consummate hosts and you thought of absolutely every detail to make it perfect. We were in awe of the deliciousness and beauty of our afternoon together. You have a gift to make your guests feel so special. You were so gracious to allow me to snap photos myself and I am so excited to put my next post together about the beauty of this afternoon. You are gifted and this afternoon will always sparkle in my memory.
    I miss you already too darling!
    Our thanks! xx, Heather (lucky attendee of the fabulous apple themed al fresco fall brunch at the stylish haven of Tamera and Jeff)

  10. What a splendid, splendid table you set and if the brunch is reflected in the spirit of this lively post, I'm sure it was a beautiful few hours you spent together. Lovely!

  11. I adore that table setting, so clever and beautiful! Love that refashioned dress and the blingy additions, too! x

  12. I love the apples lined up on the long farm table! Great idea! Your brunch looks delicious and such a gorgeous bunch you all are;) Glad you all had fun!

  13. Your table, your graceful and generous hosting, and your wonderful dress(es) are all stunning! xxx

  14. Simply gorgeous - both the California setting and you!

  15. Okay, it's official. You need your own show, reality or otherwise. I love the styling here, taking me step-by-step. You make it seem simple, but the effect is totally fabulous. I love EVERYTHING. You look gorgeous and since I live where it tends to be warm, I'm always grateful to see your outfits when it's "supposed" to be cool!! I'm bookmarking this post for ideas the next time I entertain, which I love to do. XXOO

  16. Tamera!
    I am near tears!
    Inspiring, brilliant hearts bring out the emotion in me. (Sort of like seeing a Monet or a Faberge for the first time!)
    So pleased to meet you through beautiful Heather!
    As soon as I return from work tonight, I will be back to sit awhile and sip wine.

  17. Absolutely beautiful! Tamera you amazing :)

  18. I'.m moving out there! OMG what an impressive spread. Love your outfit. xoxo

  19. You and what you created here are just beautiful. I'm truly amazed at your talent.

  20. What a feast! Yes, So Cal is fabulous in October. I just got back from there and missing it already.. great styling, by the way :)

    Greetings from Dubai :)

  21. Tamera, not only you look stunning in your maxi dress, jewellery and hair styling, also your table setting and decoration are awesome. Perfect for autumn and the occasion! I am sure you had a great time with your friends.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  22. A wonderfully stylish soiree, both you and the table! Enjoy the glorious weather; it is pouring with rain in London today!

  23. Looking characteristically regal and glamorous, as always. What a lovely event! Thanks for sharing the images with us.