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… Just A Touch Of Neon ...

I am participating in How I Wear My Fashion
by Adrienne of a Rich Life on a Budget
for  this  months round up of neon.

Not much of a trend follower myself...
(although I do like to be aware)...
I viewed this months topic as a personal challenge...

To see if I could take a trend...
and work it into my  my own personal style.

So when I was shopping with my beautiful daughter...
perusing the back room sales of Anthropologie...
and she mentioned that these gorgeous
neon fuchia suede flats by Jeffrey Campbell
might fit the neon challenge...

I was only too happy... to give it a go.
So home they came.

I set them in my closet...
at the bottom of my racks...
and quietly listened for them to speak to me...

 speak to me they did!
Of course they were to be the perfect dramatic accent color 
to my love of stripes...
giving a new pulse to my stripe staples!

A perfect accent to my striped maxi...
 so many other striped staples in my closet.

The glitter backs and ankle straps
make this precious flat such a delicious shoe to wear!

.... the ironic part of the neon challenge for me...

was realizing...
 I already owned some neon in one of my very favorite statement necklaces...

my vintage floral brooch necklace...

with it's very own DIY here...
How did I not even realize this ??

So thanks to both Adrienne and Jill...
for their HIWM neon challenge...

Every time I wear my new suede flats...
I will be thinking of them both ...
 how accepting fashion challenges can be
 so much creative fun!

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. love your touch of neon, great pink shoes

  2. YES YES!!!!! WOW, those shoes are down right magnificent! I want a pair right now. And everything you wear Tamara speaks joy. Thank you for sharing your style, for it is an inspiration. Now I must dash off, find something fun in my closet and go teach. Thank you for visiting and leaving such kind words! LOVE, Anita

    1. Thank you Anita for the kind words my dear! Enjoy your first day back... your lucky, lucky students!

  3. Wow, Tamera - I love the amazing silhouette of the jacket and whole outfit, the skirt's graduated stripes, and how your stunning necklace and these excellent shoes add great dimension. Beautifully done! xo

    1. Thank you dear Amber... and a belated happy Birthday to you!

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous!! It is true too- it all speaks joy! I love that necklace- it just makes me feel happy to look at its beautiful design.

    Show off your look! Get inspired & Link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

  5. What a subtley beautiful outfit offset with the most magnificent shoes and necklace, ever! Great look. Great use of neon that doesn't leave you looking like your local road worker. Stunning!

  6. Impressive! I wouldn't have thought you could fit neon into a credible outfit that expressed your own style so well, but this is brilliant. Pulling in the brooch necklace, imho, is the winning detail. . .

  7. The shoes really suit you.

    That necklace is amazing. I'm sure you have memories of where you found each brooch.


  8. I adore those shoes! They are really gorgeous. I especially like the pointy-ness and the ankle strap.
    Thank you so very much for reaching beyond to participate in this HIWM. Jill and I appreciate it and always look forward to seeing what you'll show us each month.
    Big hugs!

  9. You sure look like you were having fun in those pictures! You found a great way to work bright neon in as an accent to black and white!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  10. You are really stylish woman. Love this neon touch and photos are great!

  11. A beautiful dress, stunning shoes and a necklace that is cute. Always gorgeous!

  12. Shoe perfection Tamara!
    You are ready to party with those flats plus your stunning brooch!

    Feature: Entrepreneur Sigal Sasson

  13. I LOVE hot pink with stripes!!! The fact that you already had the art-to-wear necklace just makes all that much better. It's so much fun to be challenged like that though, isn't it? I own NOTHING in yellow, yet I'm finding a gazillion possibilities for the skirt. I'm blown away. I would never, ever have purchased it or even taken it for free. :-)

    I love your SoCal glamour here, turbaned with large sunnies etc. The shot with the palm trees finished off your ensemble perfectly. Hope all's well!! Thanks for your suggestion in your comment. When I have time (!!) I will absolutely take a look. XXXXOOOO

  14. Those shoes are amazing!

  15. Oh goodness dear-just catching up on all the inspiring shades of color here. Your J.C. flats are the perfect accent to your fab diy necklace with neon. Always chic! Running off-wedding for mom is just 2 days away! See you next month!
    xx, Heather

  16. Oh Man, Tamera! I must up my game. I just bought a pair of neon shoes. They're..........sneakers! I intend to wear them with dresses. Oy!

  17. WOW! Ok this is a really great outfit. I love the neon shoes and that necklace is an amazing idea!! I'm just pining your DIY

  18. Thank you, dear Tamera. I am in love with your necklace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  19. Your maritim dress is amazing Tamera, and it seems the pink shoes round it up. Drawing our attention from your shoes to your wonderful necklace.

  20. Such a delightful, glamorous outfit, the neon touches enhance the stripey dress to perfection.

  21. Tamara, Gorgeous! What a great idea to pair the pretty pink with stripes. Love that. Also your necklace is fabulous! You win the neon award with that. So lovely!! Those shoes were quite a find. I bet you can wear them with so much. I's love to get a pair myself!
    Have a great weekend!


  22. Good Morning - Just wanted to let you know that I (who never comment for whatever reason) feel compelled to let you know that i love reading your blog and checking out your wonderful style - I fell into a "rut" when my 3 children left our nest and it took me awhile to figure out my style again - ...I SO related to your blog. have given me much inspiration and I always think it nice to share with those people who influcence you. So thank you so much...for giving voice to feelings I've felt - helping me put things into perspective - I am truly grateful. AND on top of all that I'm feeling good about wearing things that I have always thought were for other people - and wow the compliments I am getting! THANK YOU !!!!!

    1. Dear Anonymous... thank you for these heartfelt words... they are truly a gift for my soul. Thank you for taking the time to comment... my day you have truly made!

  23. GOrgeous! Not only do I love the flats that you made fit into YOUR style, but that necklace is amazing. Absolutely stunning.
    xo~ kim

  24. Such a wonderful look, and the pink flats and fabulous necklace really take it to another level. You look beautiful! And I adore that final photo of the trees against th blus sky, so gorgeous. xxxx