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... hello Monday ... hello gratitude ...

Hello Monday...
hello to summer coming to a close here
 for us in SoCal.

It's been a really good summer...
and for that I am grateful...
especially  for beach time with Hunter and Ellis.

As the season changes to fall..
reflecting on the good  times of summer is on my mind...

I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity
for time spent  with my darling  daughter.

I am grateful for summer evenings shared with my husband...
as happy as I am for fall's arrival...
summer evening sunset strolls will definitely be missed by me.

As I am at an age to  have seen so many seasons pass...
I am truly making an effort to
savor and enjoy the moments...
both large and small...
for they all too soon will become part of a rich 
 beautiful past.

... small ones like a beautiful dinner made for me...
by my generous and loving husband...
during an evening I needed to work...

Hello Monday...
I am so much more fond of you...
as I have learned each week...
to stop...
for so very much that I
am truly grateful for.

Hello Monday...
hello to  falls fast approach...

Hello to gratitude for a return to schedules...
and predictable days...

for as much as I can appreciate summer's freedom...
it's counterpart..
is a welcomed change.

Hello to gratitude for the fact...

that to everything ....
there is truly a season.

Hello to all the promises of a new season.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I am grateful there are clouds in the sky today and a hope of rain in the forecast. I love it that you take a day to encourage all of us to be appreciative. Thanks Tamera!

  2. Such lovely images Tamera and I LOVE the white pieces in your first photo. Did you make them?
    Summer has well and truly left the UK; really quite cold now. I might have to jet off to my other home in Spain otherwise the WInter will feel never-ending :-( I love the gorgeous pictures of your apples. They really had me salivating whilst reading. Have a lovely week xx

  3. Hello lovely friend,
    I'm just catching up after my whirlwind wedding weekend for my mom. I am so grateful on this Monday to have the day off to catch up. I always enjoy your gratitude posts. Your images display a lovely summer and I will miss those leisurely evenings and sunsets too. Loved your inspired makeup solutions and I'm off to use a mirror I have as a tray. Brilliant!
    I'm always inspired when I stop by.
    Have a lovely week!
    xx, Heather

  4. I always enjoy how you find and share so much beauty in those small, every day moments. It's always so uplifting to read your posts!

  5. Tamara, A beautiful and positive start to the week. Loved this!


  6. I appreciate your focus on gratitude and each moment and its gifts. Your hats and jewelry are spectacular, Tamara. You bring so much pleasure and beauty to the blogging community! For that I am grateful.

  7. you seriously look so fabulous! love it!

  8. I love the photos. Especially the one of the food. Great food styling!

    You looked so gorgeous in that maxi for the beach. Off the shoulder really suits you.


  9. You seriously impress me, Tamera. I so admire how you dress and your thoughts.

  10. Tamera your words and images bring so many feelings of joy and gratitude. Thank you!

    2013 Artists Series

  11. That first shot of the beach is just my idea of heaven! You look wonderful in your gorgeous transitional outfit, another amazing hat too!

  12. Thank you so much for the remainder to look back and be grateful for this beautiful world and blissful life I have. lovely photos. Sara