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... my newest version of a flower crown ...

I am so excited with my latest design...
my new version of  the emerging flower crown trend.

I wrote last week here ...
about a crown I designed years ago..
that was  featured in WWD.
 how my beautiful daughter wore this vintage piece to
a Bhldn event in Beverly Hills.

This got me thinking how much I enjoyed that special piece made with antique flowers...
and how I would love to have
a modern version...

I wanted a flower crown that was age appropriate....
not wanting to give the impression I was reaching back to times gone by...
I wanted a piece that was in scale to my size and frame

just as importantly...
I wanted a piece I was excited to wear!

This floral crown is a statement headpiece to be sure..
part headband...
part hat...
and the  perfect  finishing piece for an easy life style.

To do my hair...
all I had to do is comb it back smoothly...
place the 'crown' on
and  twist and tuck my hair into the back of the crown
for a finished look.
Making this headpiece a perfect solve for   quick summer hair.
Making it also a perfect go to piece...
after the pool or beach.

With such a statement headpiece...
I was intent on pairing this beauty with some
simple pieces  with clean lines
to achieve the balance of stylish Southern California ease
  I was looking for.

I chose wide legged linen pants from Anthropologie
a drapey knit top by Rachel Zoe

 to really ground the outfit...
I paired these with my Tory Burch blazer
and a flat gilded sandal...

and of course..,
my rattan antique bag...
that has become my summer evening staple.

I just love my new crown so  much...
I want to share just how easy it is to make your own...
so there is a
crown DIY here.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I'm a great fan of anything made with flowers (I even had a crush on the flower hat worn by Elizabeth Taylor in "The Mirror cracked") but your crown is especially fresh and soft. Lovely on you too !

    1. I am also a great lover of all things flowers... I have just been thinking this crown brings together my love of gardening... and accessorizing!

      i am off to look up the Mirror Cracked... thanks so for the suggestion and for visiting from beloved Paris!

  2. Ok...that is seriously cool! I love it. It is chic and fun all at the same time. Love your photo shoot as well.

  3. Spectacular. Elegant and with a wonderful personality. A look fantastic.

  4. I've been anxiously awaitng this post and it is even more spectacular than I had imagined. But then, it's a Tamera creation, so of course its spectacular! You never seize to amaze me. What a perfect modern version of a floral headpiece. The outfit of choice is also perfection to the T. My hands are just itching to get started on one of these, although I will add, it would be so much more enjoyable to be able to create with you by my side. I have found having a friend to laugh with during creative times makes for memorable occasions.

  5. Wow :D You look great! I love your outfit, so classy!

  6. Just gorgeous, Tamera, with a retro flare and modern chic. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  7. Incredible, I love your crown so much too! Those pants are so breezy and beautiful. A knock out outfit Tamera! xoxoxo

  8. Oh heck Tamera, what a glorious work of art!!!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! I think your daughter will be clamouring to wear your latest creation too and those pants ... GAH!!!!! xoxo

  9. Gorgeous! I can't wait for the DIY!!! So excited to read it... and your outfit is absolutely stunning, as are your photos.
    xo ~kim & chloe

  10. How very South Pacific. I L O V E your pants!

  11. Perfect! I loved reading about your thoughts going into this, and the result! Very pretty!


  12. What a fabulous look, Tamera! You've styled this just perfectly.

  13. You are always such an inspiration, dear Tamera.

  14. Thank you Tamera for your age appropriate crown. I thought about how my 63 year old face would look with the other flower crowns and I , quite frankly, hesitant. But this beautiful masterpiece is something I could "get my head around"....most definitely.

  15. beautiful pictures and your lovely as usual

  16. What a gorgeous photo shoot. You look like a movie star.

  17. Love you outfit. The flared pants are perfect looking; comfy & chic. Around this time of year in California, your outfit is perfect.

  18. Frida wears white and goes blonde! Lovely, completely. Perfect for your suit ... so modern! Of course your hubs looks adoring.

  19. Hey, that's awesome that you got in on the flower crown fun, too! You rock that!