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.... backyard summer styling ....

Living here in Southern California...
I am able to treat and style my gardens as 
 outdoor rooms and extensions of our interior living spaces.

Over the years I have honed some styling ideas that are not only aesthetic...
but highly functional as well.

I keep several large brimmed hats outside...
always on the ready for some impromptu gardening.
Theses beauties add some romantic garden flourish...
while providing needed sun protection when in use.

My favorite mornings are those spent coffee in hand...
in any of my garden rooms...
I love the mix of garden styling... and the spectacular creations
of mother nature.

My darling cherubs...
who are starting to show the marks of time...
are all accessorized with crowns and necklaces... 
while my hydrangeas have spent the summer climbing to greet them.

This year...
besides wanting the garden to be a romantic spot to be...
I decided I wanted to try growing some produce as well.
Giving as our yard and gardens are stamp size here in Southern California..
I wanted to integrate this into the garden aesthetically.

Tomatoes have been planted in antique carts and planters... staked high with rod iron obelisks 

And I must say, they are all thriving...

I actually have tomatoes of all types ripening for the picking.
This is the first year I have stayed attentive enough in the garden... to see them to bountiful fruition.
Amazing what constant attention can reap in the garden.
As I have mentioned before...
This is the first year I would consider myself a true gardener.
Even though my garden has been gorgeous for years...
up until now I was more of a planter.
If something died... it was just quickly replaced.

This year my goal is garden patience... and regular attentive nuturing.
Lemons and oranges have also been planted...
as a nod to SOCAL's rich citrus history.
I am amazed at the amount of fruit put out by my 
As I have mentioned on this post ...
I keep our xlarge farm table always dressed for impromptu al fresco summer dinners.

This week I was able to finish my last planter redo...
in the lounging corner.
These loungers are dressed all summer with outdoor pillows and big quilts...
Always set and welcoming for   chilly mornings or evenings.

Up in my 'little tree house deck'
An outside daybed made up of an air mattress, blankets and pillow...
is always on the ready for an afternoon read. 

It is this view from above that is the most fun...
as well as piles of cozy throws and trays of candles...
all waiting for summer nights.

Now as we are approaching the middle of August...
I hope to spend a little more time 
savoring and  enjoying my backyard summer styling....
before this summer...
 is too a memory.

As always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Tamera. Your tree house deck would be my idea of heaven. I don't think I would ever leave. Your garden really does look like a sunny sanctuary x

  2. Beautiful photos ... Your garden is as wonderful as you.

  3. A perfect oasis to be sure. Loving everything you've done, my friend.

  4. Your garden is so inspiring and looks like such a wonderful haven.

  5. I am fortunate enough to have experienced your luxurious garden retreat first hand. It's such a serene and beautiful place. I wish I could sit with you right now and have a cup of tea together!
    xo, A

  6. Oh I hope I hope I hope that someday I can get my garden to look even half as lovely as yours. Great inspiration.

  7. I wish I could sit with you also and have a cup of tea, what an incredibly beautiful surrounding you have. I'm just grateful I can at least enjoy it with your amazing art (through your photos). I don't know about you, but August is my favorite month of summer, it just kind of seems a bit more relaxing than the other two and the mornings are the perfect temperature.

  8. Your garden is awesome, Tamera. The plants, your furniture and decoration are an oasis of peace.
    I love spending time in my own garden and terrace, it is my retreat even it is small.
    My tomatoes are still green!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  9. I feel as though we've just enjoyed a visit together again in your paradise. Fabulously done, Tamera!

  10. Beautiful gardens, outdoor entertaining and relaxing spaces! So lush and I adore your pillow collection
    Tamara it is times like this that I miss living in San Diego.
    I am now in Kansas City near family.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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  11. I want to lean back and breathe in the fragrance of such a lovely place. How wonderful that you are able to nurture it and treasure it even more now. I love the idea of edible landscaping too.

    Have a glorious weekend, and thank you so much for all your kindness during this time. XXOO

  12. It's only right that beautiful, ageing garden cherubs should get bedecked in crowns and necklaces ... one could spend gardening time switching one's jewels around while weeding or watering :). You have an incredible outdoor area and congratulations on your success at producing both beauty and food in your garden! xoxo

  13. Hello lovely Tamera~I just lapped up these images of your lovely garden rooms this morning. They look divine! I'm a big fan of creating lounging spaces all around the terrace and garden. I think your blow up mattress with chic covers is brilliant. No furniture needed! Your tomatoes and limes are looking fabulous. Fresh from the garden is the best for summer dining. We had a huge garden-both flowers and veggies-in our last home. We created a 'monster' of gardening so we definitely scaled the gardening back in this home. I miss my veggies sometimes but I do love having a view.
    Still working on dates for our trip to Newport to see family in October. It will likely be the 2nd or 3rd weekend. I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll be visiting that sweet garden in person. :)
    xx, Heather

  14. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog it made me so happy. It is beautiful way you style your garden. It gives me energy. Normally we can not grow tomatoes in the open here in Denmark only with warm good summers. But I have a small greenhouse where I grow tomatoes, but this year I was too lazy. When I see your beautiful tomatoes I know that I will do next year :)

  15. A gorgeous oasis, so beautifully styled. I love your cherubs in crowns and necklaces!! The entire garden looks fabulous, my friend.