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.... getting my style mojo back...

 After dear Sarah's post on Yes and Yes this week...
featuring me as a real life style icon...
you can read it
(and ridding myself of some hormonal baggage)

I got my style mojo back...
I was really begining to wonder if I ever would.

linen pants-Anthropolpgie, striped tank-Vince, antique silk shawl, shoes-Anthropologie, sunglasses Tom Ford, fur stole- my latest antique market find, necklace-Tamera Beardsley

I am always so inspired by Melanie, Desiree,  Bella and Curtise  and their fierce in your face...
not afraid of anybody's opinion...
living their own style truth...

So this weekend when I was deciding what to wear out...
caution was thrown to the wind...
and I chose to wear what made my heart happy....

 I was completely happy with mixing my white fox stole...
with a nautical striped tank...
and linen pants...
unusual to be sure...
but it makes my heart sing!!

 Saturday shopping at South Coast Plaza called for a cotton jacket..
and tank tucked in just the front...
which created a longer leg line...
while still creating some side detail.

 My prized white leather shoes made it through the whole weekend...
the wedge making them realistic for regular wear and walking.
My hair up took me from day to evening..

I can't tell you how very much I enjoy...
having my style mojo back.

And a special thanks to  Melanie, Desiree,  Bella and Curtise...
your moxie makes me dig a little further for my own.

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You wear your confidence and mojo well darling!! Tres chic.

  2. love your style, very elegant

  3. You are looking elegant and bursting with creativity. This necklace is spectacular! Those lovely sandals make this outfit sing.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Beautiful, Tamera . It makes my heart sing, too, just to see you. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday. Xoxoxo

  5. Oh Tamera...that necklace is amazing!! You look stunning and fun all at the same time!! Have a wonderful week ahead.

  6. Got your style mojo back? Boy did you ever!

  7. Tamera, even if you don't dress all up, your inner soul always does and always will have style mojo, it's just a part of who you are. Although, it does my heart good as well to see you back in action, no body does the style mojo like you!

  8. FANTABULOUS! I have to look at all the pictures again! You are such a STYLE ICON, I am loving this Tamera! xxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!

  9. Wow, I love it. I love everything you put together for this outfit, and I dig your creative style and proud rockin' attitude. (Found you via Patti's Visible Mondays link)

  10. I don't think you ever lost your style mojo, Tamera. You've always looked stylish and fabulous! I always look forward to seeing what you've put together.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  11. Well, I never knew you lost it! You are always an inspiration, Tamera, a real artist.
    In this magazine-worthy post your towering hair is absolutely planetary. And your combination of textures is so inviting. And we can't forget the crown jewels around your neck. Truly a clean yet wild and unique vision. Love it all.

  12. I never thought for a minute you had lost your style mojo, Tamera! Sometimes we go through a quiet, reflective period, and then, bam! we want to be loud and proud and highly visible! Thank you so much for the mention, I am honoured to be considered part of a group of such splendidly stylish and independent-minded women!
    Your outfit is stunning - all the textures and layers and movement work so harmoniously together. You look utterly beautiful. Moxie? You've got plenty! xxxxxx

  13. I wasn't aware you had lost your style mojo either! We all go through periods where our style may be a little quieter, or not quite as fully "us" as it usually is, but it comes back. I love that you've mixed the glorious fur with linen and then the stunning necklace - Yowza! The other bloggers you mention are inspirations for me too.

  14. Wow, love everything! You definitely have your mojo back!

    Have a great week!


  15. glad to see your mojo is BACK!

  16. Tamera - You have a wonderful style - love it :)

  17. Love it all ... every inch, every element! You have your very own moxie, and use it in an inimitable style. You lost your mojo? WHEN?! Looking glamourous, glorious, and just can't say how much I love it that you wear your white fur in summer. That is OtT in the most perfectly elegant way possible.
    A joy to observe, Tamara.

  18. tamera you rock! I love the vintage brooch necklace it is the most gorgeous ever! I am glad you have worked through your hormone symptoms, it is definitely a journey. I had to have a complete hysterectomy at age 45, so I feel your pain! I opted for an estrogen patch and I feel great! I will be 49 this year. I wish I had your style and courage to rock the fur��. Please post more pics of your home especially the bedroom redo! pretty please, Christy

  19. That necklace is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Glad ya got your style on again!!

  20. Tamera, I've always been drawn to your style. Effortlessly chic...wearable, visually interesting, a certain magic. Happy to hear that you are feeling your mojo's really about how we feel in our clothing,isn't it?!