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.... summer's turquoise and white ....

denim tunic-Vince, pants-JCrew, panama-JCrew, straw bag- from Gana via the Irvine antique market, shoes- Mossimo for Target, white floral bracelet and necklace-JCrew, Howlite double strand necklace and bracelets-Tamera Beardsley

With my daughter back home for the summer...
we have returned to our Saturday morning outings...
in search for breakfast and what ever else we might discover along the way....

This Saturday we found ourselves at the very creative LAB and CAMP in Costa Mesa...
This space was a perfect opportunity to mix my favorite accessories this week...
my wooden floral pieces from JCrew....
and my howlite pieces...
I am loving the fresh summer blast that comes with the color  mix.

jacket-Cynthia Steefe, poplin skirt-Isacc Mizari, shoes-Tory Burch, white bracelet-J Crew, turquoise Howlite pieces-Tamera Beardsley

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Turquoise and white is such a perfect summer combo. You look so chic and fresh!

  2. Tamera dear-what fun to have your daughter home for the summer time. I love your Saturday outings.
    Your jewelry, with the turquoise and white, just pops. The white outfit is the perfect summer
    wear. So stylish!
    Happy Sunday!
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

  3. You were so much looking forward to have your daughter back for the summer holidays and now you can finally spend time with her! So happy for you.
    You look fabulous and stylish as always.

    Enter my giveaway: Glamourous clutch
    Lady of Style

  4. OMG!!! Your turquoise pieces are gorgeous. I just love how you put your outfits together also.
    Have a lovely, sunny week Tamera x

  5. Turquoise and white really does say Summer! So lovely. You are so lucky to have your daughter home!

  6. You are such a great beauty.

  7. White, turquoise, summer and the amazing beautiful jewelry. And your daughter - then it is summer also in the heart. :)

  8. I love your turquoise necklaces, and I love your white set.

  9. I just love that first look. So artsy and eclectic!


  10. What a wonderful tradition you and your daughter have on Saturday mornings! I love all the turquiose...I'm finding that it goes beautifully with so many colors. Nature's bright neutral!

  11. Gorgeous looks...I love those pants! My daughter,husband and grandson have just purchased a house on my street...soon they will only be a couple of blocks we might get in some Saturday outings!

  12. I adore this color combination - and your wooden necklace is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  13. Love those turquoise beads with the white flower necklace!

  14. I'm so happy for you!! You look lovely and chic as you enjoy your outing!! For me there's nothing better than sharing those kinds of times with people I love. Your jewelry is gorgeous and you are the perfect model. :-) Any more shows coming up? XXOO

  15. You are looking fabulous. The jewelry, your posture, just screams confidence--love that!

    blue hue wonderland

  16. The Saturday outings sound wonderful!! You look beautiful, as always.


  17. So jealous of your Saturday outings. My daughter and I did the same every Saturday until she moved away. (not quite the same with a son). She will be visiting for a month and I'm counting the days, you just got me even more excited. It's absolutely wonderful to see your smiling face once again, there is just nothing like that smile of yours to make our day. Both your outfits are lovely, you are so rocking those jcrew pant, love how you accented with our turquoise its a perfect touch. Have a wonderful week!

  18. Your blog is remarkably stunning, vibrant and energetic, and I adore your outfits!!!

  19. Beautiful outfits Tamera! And how wonderful that you and your daughter can resurrect your Saturday morning outings.

    Sue xo

  20. Great look and great photos.

  21. Delightful look for breakfast and shoppy-shoppy! So glad you are in good company as well. Summer really is for turquoise, white and a great hat. And such cute, wee, sparkly loafers. Perfect.

  22. I loved (!!!) your photo collage in this post! Very fun had the spirit of an exotic street market. For girls.