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~ my week in photos ~ has been a productive week in the studio.... I have realized the process of developing a line... and launching a business... takes a lot more time .... than I had anticipated....

.... so I have backed off of some plans....
 .... in order to focus my energies.... and respect my creative process...
.... back to ...slow and steady.... 
 tiny steps +intention=equal success

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life



  1. What a beautiful stuff, I love this stuff so much

  2. So exciting, you are on the cusp of birth.

  3. I love your images, Tamera, you have such style. I do understand about taking it slower when it comes to following our passions/building our businesses. I have the same feelings about my online boutique, Stylemindchic. I have so much I want to do, so much to learn, but I try to slow myself down in order not to rush the process. Your pieces are gorgeous here!
    xx, Heather

  4. Your new creations look so vivacious and extravagant. Just like yourself : )


  5. Beautiful photos of your beautiful creations, Tamera. Yes, I guess progress takes time. But it's worth it! xxxx

  6. We are a society that craves instant gratification. We have gone from pony express to Federal Express overnight to instant email. But I don't think that our souls thrive at this frenetic pace. Sometimes it's good to let go of the idea of revolution and instead embrace evolution.

    I think that this is especially true when it comes to the creative process. You are SO amazingly talented and yet the cultivation of beauty does not lend itself to a timeline. Savor the process and success will be the natural by-product.

    You are already a success in our eyes!

  7. Fabulous week indeed.
    Enjoy the weekend, Tamera.

  8. Little steps are very good. That is what I am taking now. xo

  9. Gorgeous photos! I respect that you're pacing yourself and that you're taking your time to thrive.

  10. Such beautiful things!! This is very exciting.

  11. I love the ivory cross pieces. Very nice! Good luck on your business and thanks so much for your encouraging words on my blog. Nice to meet you! Debbie

  12. Pinned the photo and tweeted. I'll help get the word out! Debbie

  13. Beautiful jewellery and wonderful photos!