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....~ { let the decorating begin } ~....

 Thanksgiving is today officially begins the Christmas season here.

 I must admit with all of the traveling I have recently done....
I am quite behind my usual ....
No problem, I am going to work up new impromptu schemes
I do so enjoy the challenge...
Today I'm staring in my bedroom which is always a neutral palette of silver and creams.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life



  1. And so it begins...looks like you have some gorgeous decorations!

  2. Silver and cream together - so lovely. I adore my own decorations but skipped decorating the past two years in a row - hoping that the recollection of their beauty over-balances the overwhelm and work of it. I recall the ways you have of enjoying the process from your post a couple of months ago, thanks for that! xo

  3. Hi Tamera,
    Award Question & Answer game on if you'd like to join!!

  4. Pretty, pretty. Can you come to my house when you are done? I am out of steam and cannot get myself to start the process! Hope you Thanksgiving was lovely.

  5. I love the fresh silver colors. And that cute little piece of Skyway luggage. I live very close to where the Skyway Luggage Company use to operate here in Seattle. Darling little old stone building with ivy growing all over it. When I pass it at night I see small lights on inside on the top floor (2nd floor) through the old dirty windows. Inside there appears to be the image of a person writing at a desk. It's very interesting to me. I'd like to live in a building like that.

    Happy Decorating!

  6. Oh look at all of those lovely things, I have no idea as to how I want to decorate this year, I'm quite stumped.