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nautical stripes + an antique silk floral shawl...

 Yesterday was the fabulous Grove Antique Market...
And boy did I find some Great pieces!!!
The vintage forces were with me for sure!

 one of my finds...
an antique silk floral shawl...
with the most amazing long fringe...

 everything about it is perfect for me...
the cream base will work effortlessly into my wardrobes color palette
the fringe has the most suburb movement...
it simply dances...

 Always excited with great juxtapositioning...
I paired the silk shawl with some nautical stripes and my white jeans staple...
The shawl immediately freshened my transitioning wardrobe...
the absolutely perfect piece to
 take my
Southern California pieces...into our fall...

the mixing of ordinarily irrelevant pieces...

 makes my heart sing!

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life



  1. What a gorgeous shawl!!! I like how you've paired it with the stripes.

  2. Agreed! (with Une Femme) That is a stunning piece that I think you will love for many years. Thank you for sharing the beauty with Visible Monday.

  3. Oh, that shawl! I just love it and think it was meant to be yours.
    The stripes are perfect with it. And I adore those shoes of yours.
    xo, A

  4. Loving the shoes!!! You look great, Tamera!


  5. What a beautiful shawl. I love the long fringe!!

  6. Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous scarf! Your photos are absolutely stunning!

  7. That shawl is absolutely stunning. What a great find!

  8. You're right - the shawl and you are a love match!

  9. How wonderful shawl! It is wonderful and is perfect to you. I love your shoes, are beautiful.

  10. Gorgeous! My Nonnie gave me an antique floral shawl recently...I need to bust it out!

  11. The shawl is FABULOUS. I have several that pop out at all times of the year. You might think I do well with food styling but I have no CLUE when it comes to clothing styling. I'm to go poke around and see if you have updated on your daughter's trip!

  12. How wonderful you look- I love the textured elements of your crisp summer-into-fall very Cali outfit. The shoes deserve a close up shot!

  13. The perfect accessory! I love the colors and movement of the fringe. The shoes are so intriguing too!! Hope all is well with you and your family. XXOO

  14. Just gorgeous Tamera! I love the shawl.

  15. I am LOVING those accessories!!!

  16. The fringe is free... like your soul Tamera...

  17. It's so great you can still use your Panama, mine is tucked away until spring.

  18. You wear oversized jewels like no one else I know - stunning. Your fringed shawl is a beautiful piece. It makes me wonder who could part with such a thing?

  19. The shawl is absolutely beautiful, Tamera - what a find. Love everything about it but especially the fringe.

  20. Gorgeous shawl. Love the way the long fringe sways and swings. Fun.

  21. Love the shawl - what a treasure