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weekend accessorizing....

After such a challenging and introspective week....
all I wanted from this weekend....
some calm...and quality time with my husband.

So this called for comfortable...low key basics....
of course
plenty of easily change up my look....
with the least amount of effort.

my basics....
~white jeans
~nautical stripe tunic
~navy jacket and later in the day
~denim trench
~my beloved panama

and in my world of accessory love...
a whole slew...
to take me form morning to night....
by just changing accessories...

red patent flats + white chain 

adding in a stripe and bamboo bag....

These pieces took me all morning....

to visiting Jeff's golf course....

and the nursery where we shopped for some fall garden color...

A quick shoe, bag and necklace change....

and I was ready for lunch on the bay in Newport...

and ready for a walk along the shore....

to visit the quaintest fish market in all of Newport.

family owned...the catch is brought in daily. 

Next stop, the Irvine Global Festival...
where the Thailand vegetable sculpting was was a visual feast.

Evening brought us to Old Town San Juan Capistrano for dinner....
I simply changed out my jacket for a denim trench...
normally this would also be my time for evening heels...
but this week I opted for comfort only...
so my glittery flats from Target remained my first choice. 

I added a woven clutch...
and my bone and rhinestone bracelets...

layered on three of my favorite necklaces....

one which I made by simply attaching a charm bracelet to my original necklace.

and voila....
I was ready for dinner out in San Juan.

We had dinner at the Vintage...down by the train station...

and ended the evening with a stroll through ....

the Los Rios district.

My basic pieces and accessory collections
did just what I intended....

quick pulled together looks
that spoke to each destination...

and made me feel cozy comfortable
with little effort...
and still glam enough to quietly celebrate my weekend.

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. The vegetable sculpture is amazing! So intricate and beautiful.

  2. Tamera, it is so good to see you, I have been thinking about you every day and wanting to write. These photos are so fantastic I want to eat them all up. You look amazing, it is so warming to see your smile. Love you. xo

  3. I love the trip you just took us on!! You look lovely as you usually do and I think the red shoes and purse are so cute. But, the vegetable sculpting is amazing. I would love to see I am really glad you took us there. Have a great week, Tamera!

  4. Fabulous ensembles, and a great demonstration of the Power Of Accessories. Love those gold shoes especially....

  5. The outfit has gorgeous "bones" and every accessory change just makes it more delightful. Love the photos of your day's journey too. Thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday.

  6. Just so lovely! Have a fabulous week!

  7. I really LOVE your accessories. Great pic of the orange flowers; orange is my fave color and fall is my fave season. What a great combo :-)


  8. You are one of the few women I've seen who can actually pull off a trench, I think they are very difficult garment to get right, you look amazing.

  9. Thanks for bringing us along on this perfect weekend, Tamera!
    I love how you take us through your decision-making processes and show us the wonderful results.

  10. Tamera, you're so always inspire me with your style, grace and elan! So much to love about this post, but I'm really coveting that denim trench jacket!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life
    I'm giving away a beautiful Soft Surroundings top!

  11. What a lovely weekend spent with your husband. I love how you were able to create three different looks by changing just a few things.
    You are looking as radiant, beautiful and stylish as ever, Tamera.
    xo, A

  12. Tamera, I found your blog a few weeks ago, You are an inspiration to all women. You are beautiful and so stylish. You remind me so much of one of my Aunts! April B.

  13. Your sparkly shoes are from Target?? They're so awesome!

  14. The perfect day. I can almost feel the air as the sun goes down. You look extraordinary, too.

  15. that hat is just the icing on the cake, i love how everything just flows together
    Xo Megan

  16. 3 great outfits Tamera, you show that simple straightlined clothes are great canvases for accessories...btw I love the pictures taken in Los Rios, those flowers!!! Nature in Southern California is so lush!

  17. I love every outfit - chic casual style with a hint of nautical...perfection! Happily following your blog ~

  18. Very, very interesting blog.Follow each other? Greetings :-)

  19. This is such a fun post. I love your positive spirit that comes through your pics..and I love the stripes!

  20. Love that tunic, and I've always wanted to go to San Juan Capistrano...I always pass it on my drives to San Diego!


  21. These are great outfits! I am loving the white jeans with the navy striped shirt, and those glitter loafers are amazing!

  22. LOVE that first look! you look soo fab! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  23. you totally channeled Jackie O on those! Stunning!

  24. your outfit reflected your week lady, and i love the hat on you, you can pull it off!

    i think i need those shoes and one of your jewelry pieces:o

  25. The red shoes made the outfit. You never let us down Tamera!

  26. What amazing style you have. I always look forward to seeing what outfit you have created and vthe photos you share with us. You, dear lady, are my style icon.

  27. Everything looks so beautiful, as do you, Tamera! Thanks for showing it to us.

  28. Again, this is a visual feast. You make a parking lot, the underside of a bridge, anywhere you go look glamorous! Your framing is really superb.

  29. I love, love, love your outfit/s, but I love your photography even more. Just beautiful!

  30. Oh Tamera, I absolutely love your outfits, your accessories, and photographs. I have very similar sparkly shoes; they go with everything, and now I want that perfect shade of red shoes too.
    New follower here, :)