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summer wardrobe recap....

As summer draws to a close...
I  got on PicMonkey...
and pulled together a season's worth of outfits....

and I thought I'd share...

not even so much the outfits...
but the wardrobe styling tip
 for all of you that take weekly  wardrobe pictures 

collage them...

print them off...
and keep them in your closet until the next spring/summer season...

You will have a precise inventory of your favorite outfits...
all ready to go...

I did this last fall...

for a post I did a cumulative overview of what I had worn for the season...
I was so happy with how it looked I printed it off..
hung it on a inspiration board...

and forgot about it....
until with the summer heat it fell to the ground...
picking it up ...
I realized I had just found a recipe of all of my favorite outfits...
and the pieces I owned!

As seasons end and we are so familiar...
by the end of the season...
I am too familiar....
we think we will always remember each outfit....
but then life happens and we forget....

but if as the season ends...
and you take my advice and go to Pic Monkey's free site and
 make a collage of all of your
favorites outfit posts from the season...

come next spring/summer ....
you will have a personalized road map of your favorites...
and at the same time an inventory of what you all ready own...
making duplicate purchases a thing of the past!

and a perfect jump start on the season!

Making styling your life...
a summer breeze!

as always dear friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

my darling daughter did a beautiful post here about her first week studying in Italy



  1. A superb collection of outfit. Each more beautiful. Your style is amazing, always perfect. Wonderful proposals.

    1. Thank you so much my dear! I loved the inspirational women you featured on your blog today!

  2. Love your HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I've been admiring other bloggers' effective use of collages, and thank you for this very functional idea. Being a relatively recent avid reader and follower of your blog, it's a treat to see your looks collected this way. I'm particularly enjoying the layered multi-stripes and maxi with the gorgeous floral necklace and coral flats - amazing!

    1. Thank you Amber...and I am anxiously awaiting you about page!

  4. It's lovely to see everything gathered together in such a way. I think I may have to check out that monkey thang and see what's up. Thanks Tamara!

    1. With your creativity my will Love the monkey!

  5. This is amazing! Out of all the collages on blogs, I love yours the most. I love how I can see all the transformations in one look. Bravo on an awesome post!

    1. Thank you so very much my dancing queen...and oh did I enjoy your posts!

  6. I love these collages! I don't think I've ever heard of PicMonkey, but I'm excited to have discovered something new to play around with.

  7. seriously, genius idea lovely. I am going to do it. I NEED this.

    I just visited your beautiful daughter's blog, what an amazing adventure she is on! you must be a proud mamma :)

    Distinctly M

    1. yes my dear , I couldn't be more of a proud mamma! I think your blog is beautiful!

  8. adorable! love it all!

    Have a great day! Stop by and say hello!

  9. so fun! I knew you could edit photos on picmonkey but I didn't know you could make collages!


  10. this is an awesome display. lovely style, has anyone ever told you look like Rachel Zoe? I can't wait to try pic monkey :)

    C’s Evolution of Style

  11. Loving the collage and the display of you and your gorgeous outfits! Such a great idea and a step towards increased organization. Will have to check this out!

  12. You wear so well white and light colors, you look like a diva

  13. What a great idea, I always forget about what I wore even two weeks previously!

  14. Hi Tamera I've seen your daughter's blog and it is so beautiful. Where is your daughter studying maybe I overlooked it. I myself have studied in Bologna and I remember markets and problems with language. She is very beautiful your daughter. And your photo gallery is so inspiring, I'll try it - tank you!

  15. Ellis is studying in Turin Italy, thanks for asking.