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creating beauty at the garden

 My quest this week
  to create more beauty at home
led me into the garden 
to fluff some areas with a little August color...

 So I was off to the ever inspiring Roger's Garden...
to listen for some summer color that spoke to my heart...

 this time it being August...
it was hot sunny oranges that did the speaking...
with a little purple whisperings...

I love using oranges in  my gardens in August
because they transition so perfectly into my fall colors come September....

 When accenting my gardens and planters for the seasons
I prefer to keep  the color in tight focal points for greatest impact and design cohesion...
' the biggest bang for my buck'
rather than sprinkling the accent colors throughout....
which ends up with a diluted effect.

So in the front I picked my center focal planter to add the color.

 Inside the courtyard
 I dropped in some 4 inch blues to freshen the summer story.
And by dropped in
I really mean  I dropped in the containers into my pots...
(rather than planting them into the full pots)
it's a quick trick I use to add seasonal color.
I just have to remember to water them...
as the smaller pots dry out quicker...
But actually...
this trick  helps me remember to dote on my garden ...a little more.

 I added some gerbers to my rosemary pots...
Gerbers  and Rosemary
such an easy and perfect August arrangement.

 and finally I popped in some kalanchoes into some of my iron pots to finish
creating a little more beauty at home.

I am so excited to get up this week 
and have my morning coffee ritual in my little garden
and savor some August beauty.

Wishing you love and joy
as you create beauty in your own home



  1. I'm so blessed to enjoy the beauty you create, everyday. Thank you for making this little corner of the World such a beautiful place!

    1. Thank you so very much for visiting and your kind words!

  2. Beautiful Tamera! What I would give to bask in your garden with you while sipping lemonade. We could talk about kids, memories, creating, etc...I can just imagine it!

    1. Oh Joni, wouldn't that be ideal! We could sit and talk until it was time for wine...the garden is so beautiful in the setting sun and I know we would never run out of conversation my friend!

  3. Gorgeous!! Enjoy your peaceful time surrounded by beauty!!

    1. Thank you dear Jean, I wish you also could come for a visit here, I know with your beautiful soul you would enjoy!

  4. Such stunning colours, we had our first burst of sunshine for months today, I have barely seen my garden!

  5. Thank you my dear Tabitha! I long to see your garden! Actually where you live that I am guessing is ....near Saint Andrews at the top of my husband and mine tourist destinations. My husband Jeff is a golf course superintendent at the fabulous Big Canyon in Newport Beach...which obviously makes Saint Andrews on the top of our most wanted places to visit! After two decades of raising kids...finally traveling to where we want to finally on Our list!

  6. Gorgeous!! I'll bring the coffee, you supply the garden?