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pinterest ++ chalk board medicine cabinet == happy

 Friday I was poking around pinterest, looking for some inspiration
a project to help jumpstart me out of some doldrums.
A project that was just for me,
but with some happiness impact.

 researching glam closets
I found the idea here.
One of those simple....
why didn't I think of that ideas!

to paint
 the inside door of the medicine cabinet with chalkboard paint

For someone with a large love for all things chalkboard,
I'm talking a whole board of ideas...
I was all in.
Just what I was looking for...
a simple doable project to jump start me back into the land of  happy house projects.

 A little taping off
a couple of  coats of chalk board paint
(I keep it on hand :)
but you can find it at the major hardware and craft stores

a little bit of happy every time I open the door

 Simple .... oh yes!
but anything that can bring a smile
to daily rituals....
I love!

This was one of those great projects with so many, many uses...
I painted all my bathroom  doors inside....

I love the idea of
 inspirational words
 impromptu doodling
and of course
 list making
 love note leaving.....

Wishing you love and joy
as you style your life



  1. I love this idea, Tamera. An affirmation every time you open a door! An inspiring detail to create a more joyous life.

  2. I'm gonna have to implement this one!! One year on my birthday, Joey surprised me with a framed collage that consisted of an "I love you" note I had scribbled for him, plus his response, beautifully tinted with water colors (his artwork), then matted and framed. I love it.

    Thank you for the inspiration!!

  3. To go on a reminder list of my own... "love notes". A special little gesture I've not remembered to do in quite a while.
    This was a great idea, Tamera.

  4. I'll bet you were fantastic with little lovey notes for your kids when they were little! I love chalkboard paint...What a fun place to use it and give yourself a daily pick me up...especially since it coordinates with your beautiful array of products!

  5. I think I owned a necklace just like the pearl and rhinestone necklace in your photo. As a teen, I worked one Christmas at a jewelry store. I spent one of my paychecks on the necklace and kept it for years, rarely wearing it. It has gone somewhere by now. Perhaps to your collection Love the colors in your found decor..

  6. Tamera, this is such a great idea! I love the opportunity to make lists and leave love notes. Just beautiful. xo