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my week in photos...summer in So Cal...

I get to drive Ellis to her internship at Big Canyon in Newport Beach twice a week
so I have been able to pick different beaches
to do my walks....
This week was
 Huntington Beach
where they are setting up for the US Surfing Open.

Living in California
I have realized that
 each of our  beaches have their  own personality....

 Huntington  Beach has a very one very active and busyone.
Everywhere I looked there were groups of hard working kids in the junior life guard programs...
kids at beach volleyball camp...
people on cruises...
huge production crews setting up for the massive influx of spectators 
for the US Open.

A So Cal summer at it's prime.

The view from the Huntington Beach Hyatt Hotel...
which holds a lot of memories for our family.

Speaking of family....
this week Ellis made ombre cupcakes
in our french juice glasses

I had fun restyling inside
now that the 4th of July has passed

One of my succulent centerpieces is in full bloom

This weekends chalkboard project led to....

 Tidying up my bathroom drawers
 finally finding a way to organize all of my product  samples
so that i would actually use them (and I have)
I divided and labeled them by category
and placed them in a muffin tin.
now I can easily grab what ever type of product I need!

This led to even more happy organizing!

Another tip to share...
I emptied out a Chanel foundation...
and now have a perfect mirrored case for bobby pins!
Thanks so for stopping by my friends!

Wishing you love and joy 
as you style your life



  1. the muffin tin organization is absolutely fabulous. love it paired with your signature tags.

  2. Oh my goodness the bobby pin idea is genious! I use chanel blush, but it might be too small:/

    I adore Scal beaches myself, Laguna is my fave!!!

  3. Those tags are a brilliant idea! The instagram photos have their own text. Love the colors, the are a true artist.

    Question: is your instagram to follow? or you keep it private?