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new dreams

My outfit for Slater's graduation...
I love the interplay of high/low...
casual white linen with some sequin...
huge pearls grounded with a straw bag and shell sandals....
Perfect for a California morning graduation.

linen pants-Anthropolgie, shell-Vince, jacket-Zara, sandals-Alfani,straw bag-Target, necklace and bracelets-Tamera Beardsley

As much as I love this outfit....
I had to put it away for a couple of weeks...
it was tainted with my ambivalence of graduation.

Covered with the reality setting in 
of  this chapter in my life's work ....
about done....

My job as full time mother coming to a close.
I have been aware of this...
but sometimes it just hits you harder.

I still have one son who has two more years in high school.
but the reality is I now have two in college...
I am not needed by any in the ways I was....

I did my job.
 I did it well.
My dream of raising 3 fabulous children
and celebrating and savoring the process
has come true...

I see so clearly this summer already....
they are all busy with their lives...
and I enjoy and cherish them still...

but my time to find..
my new dreams 
has arrived...

whether I like it or not...

Wishing you love and joy
as you reach for your own dreams


  1. That handbag is fabulous and what a great summer outfit. Wow I can't imagine having those feelings of being almost being finished raising kids. I have 3 boys. My oldest is 10 and my youngest is 2 1/2. Time has already flown and its weird when my boys already talk about college to me.

  2. Stunning as always Tamera!! I always love seeing you pop up at WIWW at the Pleated Poppy. Congratulations on your children-I share a similar dream but with a 3 year old and a six week old, it's pretty far off for me! You should be very proud of yourself!

  3. You know, this is a natural evolution in the scheme of things and those kids will never not need or seek out your guidance! Isn't it funny how we might do everything we can to help our children fly, and when they do we end up terrified??? It will be different, but that doesn't necessary equal terrible! It's your turn to fly too, and it looks like you've started spreading your wings via your creative outlets - just another part of our amazing journey. And you're so brave wearing white linen pants to an outing like that - fabulous choice, and brave!

  4. Very classy. Love the pants. Congrats to your children!

  5. I love the bag! I have one daughter that just graduated college and another entering her senior year.

  6. This is so gorgeous Tamera, Your words match your beautiful style. This outfit is TO LIVE FOR! Love the sequins and the linen! If I saw you at the graduation I would just STARE behind my sunglasses, hoping you wouldn't notice so I could stare some more. :-)

  7. Gorgeous Tamara, as always! I adore your straw tote, it is Fabulous!

    Distinctly M

  8. Your capsule wardrobe is just too delicious, OK? Now, seriously, you've just got to stop being so drop dead gorgeous. I just love your creamy, dreamy outfits.

    It must be hard to see your children leave home, but also great to know that they are "on their way". They are flying free of the nest, which is what they are supposed to do. The bonds of love will always keep them close to you, where ever they are.

    Much love from Rosemary,

  9. CONGRATS to your son! You look fab and while the closing of one door is sometimes sad, there is another one that WILL OPEN!!

  10. Transitions bring so many emotions and they are all important to the honoring of your process. Just as you describe with your beautiful words. Congratulations to your son and to you for your accomplishments as a parent.

    Your richly beautiful high/low outfit of neutrals speaks volumes, as though you are projecting new dreams, accessorized by your radiant smile.

  11. "whether we like it or not" WISE words, oh man. as you know, that hits deep.

  12. I just found your blog and I enjoy it tremendously.I love the relaxed vibe of your outfit and the statement necklace is stunning.My 3 children are much younger but they already need me less and I have a vaque idea of what it feels like and I'm planning on what to do then.Wish you luck in this new chapter of life and congratulations.