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finding gratitude ...

 It's been  shall I say a 'complicated' week here 
so much so I didn't expect to post...

 but I woke up this morning
with a fresher perspective
realizing there were some very good parts to the week as well...

like fresh peonies in the living room...

a center piece of
new pears arranged in a painterly fashion 

 my beautiful daughter's return from college....

 finding a new favorite restaurant.....

 with a fresh loft like appeal...

 and food that can keep up with the entrancing interior.

an afternoon trip to Trader Joes for supplies
for a night alone
for some much needed recharging
made for such a better morning perspective!

Today I am lucky enough to spend it with Ellis
as we work on tomorrow's 
Father's Day celebration!

wishing you love and joy
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by


  1. Lovely pictures and thoughts on pulling ourselves up out of the June blues and bah-humbugs! So many blessings to count - enjoy your celebrations!

  2. Yay for improved perspective! Your lovely photos always improve mine :)

  3. Your beautiful photos inspired me too. Peonies are like that. Hope that you had a good Father's Day!

  4. Those peonies are gorgeous as are your daughter's fabulous lace shorts!

  5. Beautiful photos Tamera, it is good to be reminded that when we look around at all the goodness, it changes everything. :-)

  6. GORGEOUS peonies. I love them... so sweet. Glad your sweet daughter is home, too. I hope she had a wonderful year!! :)

  7. lovely peonies, and lovely daughter!!!