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hello monday...

 Hello Monday and all the fresh potential of a new week...

Hello to remembering my week is always so much the better....
when I take the time to get my soul in order...

 hello to enjoying my new burlap pillows...
So, so easy to make!
I simply slid in twin size pillows from TJMax into the burlap coffee bags...
folded them over
 whip stitched the sides and bottom!

 hello to filling my summer home inspiration piece with
 granny smiths....
for about the same price as a flower bouquet...
(because the bottom really isn't filled...I simply set  a cake stand inside the basket...
and filled in from there....
no need to fill in what doesn't show)

 Hello to bringing in my summer decor....
just in time to celebrate my youngest turning 16 this Wednesday

 hello to the beginnings of my summer succulent potted garden...
I am so excited with succulents in mason jars....

 and mixed in with candles for a dining centerpiece...

 hello to making peace with the fact that my online shop still isn't done...
nor will it be this I prepare for the upcoming Queen Bee Market...
hello to relinquishing self inflicted pressure...
in order to 
enjoy the journey...

hello to gratitude
and to seeing life's beauty.

Wishing you love and joy
as you say hello to your new week!



  1. What a lovely post. Thank you.

    1. Gracie thank you for visiting...and kudos again on your finished patio!

  2. hello burlap pillows! those are fabulous.

    we are working on opening an online shop, too. it takes so much more time than we anticipated. we're having to relinquish our expectations, too. it will happen soon enough.

    1. Thank you for visiting Denise! Yes, setting up a proper online shop seems to be more involved than my first impression!

  3. Your home is soooooo beautiful, Tamera...and so are your thoughts for today. Have a nice week.

    1. Thank you Lisa...and you looked beautiful in your outfit today... thanks so for the shout out!

  4. So pretty! I have to admit that I've never freshened up my decor for the new season before, until I started following your blog. ;) I made some changes in the living room last week and was inspired by your seashells and lighter colors. Can't wait to see your burlap pillow tutorial.

    I read recently in a book called "The War of Art" that it's important to be patient and take our time with our art goals so we don't end up hitting a wall. Great advice I think. I seem to be bursting with motivation for my new t-shirt line but there's so many details to work out first.

    1. Joni,I am so happy you were inspired to do some seasonal freshening up...I believe I have been happy in our small space all of these years because of the seasonal decor changes I make. It also has made me slow down enough to celebrate the changing 'seasons'.

      I reedited this post with info on making burlap pillows...I realized they were way to simple to warrant a post :)

      Your suggested book sounds like something right up my I realize my over zealous ambition was just about to suck the last of the joy from my designing. I have decided to slow down and enjoy the journey...I know things will come together in 'due time' . Thank you for your inspiring comments my dear!

  5. I LOVE the idea of the summer succulent potted garden in mason jars, hmmmmm you have me thinking! pippa

  6. that nicer house, breathing tenderness in every corner, it smells to Tamera ...

  7. Your house it absolutely stunning, I am in love with the burlap look for pillows. That is a great idea to use those coffee bags as pillows. Have a great week!

  8. I always enjoy visiting and I look forward to your online shop. Though the weather does not have drastic climatic changes in my neighborhood, I do enjoy changing the tablecloths and bedding following a seasonal calendar - I also substitute flowers or greenery from the yard vs. winter store-bought bouquets. Your style and your writing is so lovely - you seem to enjoy the process as well as the end result. I try to remember that the journey is as important as the destination.

  9. I feel more peaceful after reading your post. 'Hello to relinquishing self inflicted pressure.' That will be my mantra for the week. Your home and garden are gorgeous!

  10. You have such amazing style! Fabulous blog:)

  11. Lovely home you have Tamera!
    Melanie isn't she a peach!
    Love her!

    Ariane xxxxx

  12. Gorgeous home! Your photos should be in a magazine.
    How about you coming over and overhauling our home? You are an inspiration, Tamera.


  13. Your pillows are gorgeous!! I think I love the way you style summer the best. The blue and white gets me every time!! :)

  14. A breath of soothing air! Thank you for sharing your week.

  15. Indeed so so wise to be gentle with yourself about your online shop, so wise.

    All I can think of is sitting in your back yard with you with a cup of're killin me.