hello monday....

 hello garden that I've missed...
I can't wait to spend time 'fluffing' you back into shape....

 hello house....
can't wait to get you back into order....
 catch up with my boys that I have missed!

hello car waiting to  be unpacked from a very successful Unique LA show ....
hello notes to be made for my upcoming Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad

hello African market basket...
the inspiration piece for my home summer style this season...

 hello flea market finds...
new coffee bean bags waiting to be turned into pillows....

hello to
 finally having the time this week to start listing pieces for my Etsy shop

hello wonderful stoneware dishes
a perfect Mother's Day gift...just waiting to be worked into my summer style.

Wishing you love and joy
as you style your life

What are you saying hello to this week?



  1. Can't WAIT to see pics from the show! Hope you took lots!!

  2. Tamera, I love those necklaces so much. They'd go perfect with my outfit I have on right now. I'm going to look for you on Etsy. Does your shop have a name yet?

  3. Beautiful photos! I'm so glad that your show went well!! Yay! And glad you are going to list some things on Etsy! I'd like to take a look. :)

  4. Welcome home and happy Mother's Day (belated!) Yes, we all want to know how to find you on Etsy!!!!

  5. oh, i am jealous of your coffee bean bags that are being made into pillows! those are going to look awesome.

  6. Sometimes when I'm stressed out, I come to your blog to look at the restful pics and pretend I'm some place really lovely :)