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neutral mixing

Looks like a
 regular fashion post...

if i saw this image 
I'd think this was someone who had a handle on life....

but  in reality
 my dearVisible Monday friends...

it is actually a woman in the 
throes of menopause...
sane one minute...
off the charts 'crazy' the next...

 this is a face of menopause....

and factor in teenagers....
this woman is not as happy (all the time... as she appears)

to be perfectly transparent...

my latest google search...
Menopausal Support Groups...

if anybody reading this has
Any Advice
I would SO appreciate.....

desperate woman

back to regular fashion posting......

I have been working on my
  spring/summer go to outfits
still with one week left in my self imposed no 'buying'
I am realizing my shopping MO...

It feels like a quicker go buy...
but I have realized it really only complicates the issue....

I have more than plenty...
I just need to put in the creative time....
to style what I have....
in essence to
Style My Life...

so this week I dug a little deeper...
made a Huge pile on my floor 
and tried and tried again...
pulled out my accessory loves...

and made
  new outfits that I love!
and i didn't even spend a thing...
 I was so much the calmer ...
because I didn't rush around for hours shopping...
I simply used what I had -to obtain more.

I rearranged collections...

to make some new accessory love...
neutral texture on texture

necklace-Tamera Beardsley
inspiration-a visit to LA's China Town

What to do with bits and pieces...
buttons and tiny baubles...
make a button memory bracelet....
just buttons with the backs cut off+bracelet base+glue gun =personal treasure

A little more of my accessory love...
top piece-vintage Tamera Beardsley
bambo bracelets-forever 21
faux ivory- Target
wood- Target+ my reworking(ie-popping of metal flower and sanding)

as always my dear friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

photography by Hunter Beardsley


  1. LOVE this look. Elegant, classy and beautiful on you.

  2. Thank you Sherri! Enjoy Easter with Bear...hopefully it will cool down for you by then!

  3. I ADORE the vintage TB bracelet with the stone and wrap! What a FAB idea to make a button charm bracelet! LOVE what you said about shopping your own closet - I tend to do the same the SAME colors, maybe I should spend a lil time re-mixing my closet! LOVe the white skirt!

  4. Than you Maya! I also have found myself buying very similar items...taking time off of shopping has made me realizeI this. have so many great pieces that I have not really worked into my wardrobe because they were fun to buy and I loved the piece...I think I may well take more time before shopping really Style the wardrobe I have.

    Loved your nail polish today...just such a great spring color!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Kristin! Congrats on your sister's engagement!

  6. So true about shopping complicating matters. It really does have that effect sometimes. Especially if I purchase outside my style box. Which is good to do sometimes, but it can cause purchase anxiety too. And what is it about buying those things we love that just makes us want the next thing? I have favorite pieces I hardly ever wear. And I ask myself, why? Betsey Johnson says that if you want to develop a personal style then wear your favorite things more often. I think she's right!

    1. Joni thanks for sharing Betsy's advice...I would agree with her...i am realizing that concept myself as I have stepped back from thinking buying something new is a treat... I have found that I often have been buying new as a quick escape and immediate feel good...only to be left with more 'pieces to sort' and questioning the rationale of my purchase... when I really should be spending more time in my studio creating.

      Yes, and what is that about buying something we love, makes the hunger for 'more' grow stronger. Joni, thank you so much for your thought provoking comments!

    2. I can relate to the "buying new as a quick escape" as I'm either doing that or working at my drawing table most days it seems. I too have nearly an empty nest now and I work toward trying to find a meaningful and fulfilling life with a desired income. It's a great place to be but also very challenging. The shopping is definitely an exercise in self discovery and a creative outlet as well. I think we're just lucky to have the abundance of both elements. Hugs to you and have a wonderful weeks end!

  7. Your "new" outfit is wonderful! So perfect for spring. :)

    1. Thank you my dear Linda! Hope your week is progressing well!

  8. You look completely adorable perfect. Just add a few Easter eggs in the basket and you could march in a parade. :)

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I see we both share a love for Simple Abundance!

  9. I think we might inhabit a parallel universe. In the past year or so I've been challenging myself to analyze that desire to acquire something new, and redirecting it to CREATE something new (preferably from something old), instead. So much more satisfying! Even "shopping our closets" is an act of creativity. It just takes some time! Looks like your time has been well spent. Just lovely.

    1. Jean I agree we do share so many similarities! I am finding more and more satisfaction in creating, rather than idle purchasing...and have found I have so much more time and money to invest in my fledgling business!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. Gorgeous. Love the earthtones.

  11. Thank you for visiting! Both of your blogs are lovely!

  12. From purse to bracelets, I am so in love with your accessories and really a neutral fan! This morning I was explaining to my husband why hot flashes make my nights so miserable. I do not think there is anything that is a 100% fix for all of the symptoms, but I know in my own life bioidentical hormone cream has made a HUGE impact. Once I got off the synthetics, I was way better and did not feel like I was drying up inside and want to kill every five minutes. I wish I could tell you that it quickly goes away, but there are ways to make it bearable! Hang in are so beautiful, just look in the mirror, that will help!

    1. Pam, thank you so for your kind words, and advice...i have already googled it...but truly feel better knowing it is not just me! Thank you!

      We also had a different Easter here today...after 20 years of Easter bunnies and was different this year..but my garden looks beautiful!

      Thank you again my dear!

  13. Tamera, first let me ooh and aah over your gorgeous creations - so beautiful! I love neutrals for basics *and* accessories. Second, as a woman right in the middle of menopause too, let me offer my support over the wireless to you: you are not alone!! These changes are weird and sometimes hard. I have used the bio-identicals like Pam, and also found relief with them. Finally, remember how beautiful you are. And thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday : > xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Patti, thank you so for your kind is truly a blessing to know I am not alone... I am on my way to researching bio-identicals...

      Again, I want to thank you for not only Visible Monday, but your blog...for creating an enviroment of sharing and encouragement...a respite of like minded souls..on this path that is life...for this I am truly grateful to you my dear!

  14. Your photos are breathtaking and then to read the text...! Ha! You are a great faker - you look serene, gorgeous, wonderful. I wish I had the magic solution!! Kick-boxing perhaps? Your accessories are so textural and sumptuous, and your solution to shop your own closet is something I've been working on too as part of a spring winnowing process. It's alarming because things I thought I'd discard suddenly have great possibilities if paired with different pieces. The object was to get RID of things, but I don't know how successful I'll be. Have an inspired week, Tamera.

  15. ah Melanie, my creative and talented as you are...I would see it hard for you to part with creative 'props', clothes or otherwise...I always enjoy your creativity....

    kick-boxing sounds intriguing!

  16. Wonderful, wonderful photos -- so satisfying to look through. It's hard to believe you're feeling anything negative at all in those shots, with the sumptuously calm stylings. No help with the Menopause Woes except to say that they are widely shared. . .
    (and I think your styling has helped me decide to leave my white skirt IN the Paris packing capsule)

    1. Thank so very much! i so enjoy your writing and look forward to hopefully experiencing your Parisian trip vicariously!

  17. [claps hands] Saw this: "if i saw this image
    I'd think this was someone who had a handle on life..."
    and was timid to open the link because that's just what it
    looks like!
    The power of neutrals and sunglasses, I guess. :D
    Good luck with finding some great menopause advice. I didn't
    go through this, just the part about ripping cardigans off.

    1. Vildy thank you for your kind comments, I also understand the ripping off of cardigans! thank you so much for visiting and your lovely comments!

  18. I love, love, love to come over here and see what you've got on!! You are amazing at putting an outfit together and this one was no exception. LOVE it! As for menopause, I have heard a lot of good things about bioidenticals and am planning to use them, myself, when it's my turn.

    1. Thank you Jeanine! Yes, i am hearing more and more about bioidenticals and must begin my research. Thanks so for stopping by and commenting. have a lovely week!

  19. The button memory bracelet is so special. I really love that piece.
    You look so pretty in your neutrals. I can't wait to see what else you put together from your closet.
    I get inspired all the to my closet, lay things out of the bed, photograph the outfit and store it away in a file and then go through it near daily to choose outfits that I'll be wearing. It's downright frightening how many different outfits I've put together at this point that I didn't even know I had! So many, in fact, that I can't even possibly wear all the winter ones because it's already getting too warm. Seeing that laid out in front of me has been an eye opener and has definitely slowed down my shopping. I'm going to try to be much more selective when making future purchases. I thrift so it's easy to get unecessarily carried away.

    1. Lisa I also love the memory bracelet, pieces on it are even from my bluebird days as well as memories from my Grandmother.

      What a great idea of yours to lay out and photograph your outfits! The more time I spend with my own pieces the more I realize shopping in stores is presently needed.

      Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment!

  20. You really do look so chic in that outfit. I love every piece of it!

    I don't think I'm into full-blown menopause yet, but I'm having to think about what to do when it happens. Hormones--bad? good? Natural hormone products? Eeesh, I don't know.

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

    1. Cindy thanks for stopping by! Enjoyed your lovely Easter hat!

  21. Your hat is perfection. I've been shopping my closet for most of the past year, except for a few treats here and there. No plans to stop anytime soon!

  22. Oh my dear...thank you, thank you! you are a true hat maven!

  23. love the look! so stylish :) and the hat is awesome :))

  24. I must say it too, you do look beautiful, dear Tamara. Menopause, well, I seem to be warmer than everybody around me most of the time and I have been exhausted, more than normal. I "googled" it and found something called "crashing fatigue" here's the link in case you want to read it. I'm not using anything, just trying to rest when I need to and go on like everything is normal. It's my new normal. I do have a friend who recommends essential oils, I don't recall what her website is though, you could research it if you're interested. My friend was having horrible symptoms and they helped her a lot, thank God I haven't had it as bad as she did.
    Take care!
    Hugs, Cindy

  25. You look like a fresh, cool breeze, not menopausal at all! :) I love the DIY touches. I'm trying to cut way down on shopping for stress relief, too. I'm always glad to get tips from others doing the same!

  26. I was so inspired by your button charm bracelet that I tried my hand at it yesterday and wore it today! Hope ya don't mind, I linked up YOUR post for the original idea!

    1. Maya i am So excited you were inspired to make a bracelet....and what a beautiful job you did!!!