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my week in photos.....

 Slater's prom was this week at the Disneyland Hotel

Jeff and I went to take some pre-prom photos...
and then we were on our way to see
what was new in the area...
like this gorgeous new seating area and fireplace

 genius new seating in the lobby
yes, It's a life size tea cup chair

 Sumptuous textured walls

 My favorite mosaic in Downtown Disney

ceiling in Quicksilver surf shop

 artwork from the iconic 'small world'

out takes from this weeks shoot

 my living room center piece this week

 beautiful Crystal Cove
Jeff and I are taking our Airstream down here next week
for some beach bliss

as always

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life 

thanks so for stopping by

life rearranged



  1. Your airstream? Oh joy! Do you already have a photo of it on your blog? I've been wanting to do an airstream calligram and its on my "to do" list. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Joni, I don't know if your on Pinterest, but I have a beautiful Airtstream board, with pictures of our Airstream and some other beauties!

    1. Great, thanks!! I think I've seen you on there. I'll go check.

  3. Just popped over for the first time from instagram! Just love that your son had his prom at the Disneyland Hotel! So jealous of your Airstream adventure!!! Have a blast. By the way, your blog is so serene. What a treat to peruse it. Ahh.

  4. what an amazing place for prom to be held, Oh I wish madelynn's was held someplace other than ....SCHOOL. LOL

    I love that shot of your husbands shoes i'm guessing? really cool shot...

    have a great weekend hon!!!

  5. We're off to the EuroDisney near Paris this summer and your picture of the mosaic just got me so excited for it!Rx

  6. wow great pics!


  7. always enjoy your random pictures...they always tell a story about your life. Makes me want to instagram too :-) I like your close ups, very beautiful details


    1. Thanks Mongs....I enjoyed your brooch DiY...happy weekend!

  8. Love the tux photo!! I've never noticed that mosaic at Downtown Disney! I need to develop a better eye! It's so pretty. :)

    1. The mosaic is the front of the silver jewelry store.