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my week in photos...

The stunning Santora Building of the Arts-located in the chic Santa Ana Arts District-built in 1928
the building displays a rare "Churrigueresque" Spanish Ultra Baroque style architecture...
it's my very favorite building in the OC
and right next door is...

 memphis restaurant...
with it's modern twist on Southern cooking
made for a fun Friday night out.

 my new favorite magazine...
the cover story-
Vogue's Italian editor...and how her personal blog has 
helped circulation showing the human side of an editor

(as a side note, I have spent much more time in bookstores recently
{as I wait to pick up  my youngest from school}

as I have given myself a month hiatus from shopping for clothes....)
[2 more weeks to go)]

 Saturday's search for Sprinkle cupcakes with my darling daughter
led us to Beverly Hills

 out takes from this weeks black and white shoot

Ahhh....Lanvin's encrusted belt...
during a little Rodeo window shopping....

sequin wall paper...the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

a little more Lanvin perfection...

baubles I'm working on this week...

a little serving of Dolce and Gabbana...fruit salad..
I enjoy how this image captures both the 
display and the Rodeo street reflection

a little Memphis texture

as always

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by


  1. What a lovely montage. I scrolled through, then went back to imagine myself there and to appreciate the beauty and opulence. Lovely.

    1. Jean, you have such a poetic and masterful use of words...thank you so for your visit!

  2. Pretty architecture!! :) Lanvin sure does make pretty, pretty things, don't they??

    1. Yes, I agree Linda...Lanvin's window stopped me in my tracks!

  3. Wonderful photos and blog. How can I follow your blog???

    1. sacramento i am always so excited and honored with your international visit!

  4. I would never. ever. tire of window shopping on Rodeo Dr. *sigh*

    1. this is Susan from @avagracescloset by the way. Not sure why I came up with that odd user name!

    2. Susan I would never have known this was you! Yes, there a certain magic involved in strolling Rodeo....

  5. Gorgeous photos, Tamera.
    Hope you are well
    xo, Adrienne

    1. Thank you Adrienne! I so enjoyed your lobster bake post...and you looked Gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful photos Tamera. I felt as though I was admiring the window displays on rodeo with you. I have never been to Memphis, but I am told that I NEED to go.

  7. lovely pictures...i like the detail and close ups. The colors and textures are beaitiful. The encrusted belt is gorgeous. You made window shopping look so fun, you don't need to buy anything to enjoy the beauty of these things