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what I wore....

I'm so happy with this outfit...I love all the pieces...

I have come to realize...
it's how I feel about the pieces...

and how the pieces make me feel.

This outfit came to be
by accident...

all of the pieces were hanging outside my closet...
because they were new 
(all recent scores from Anthropologies FABULOUS SALE !)
and I loved even seeing them!
they hung there for a week

So ... just for fun...I put them all on... together...
and I LIKED it!
sometimes I can over think an outfit
it just works!

wishing you love and joy 
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by my dears


  1. Just stunning!
    And here's to not saving something special for a special occasion. I do you??

    1. Yes Susan, I absolutely have in the past! I bought an exquisite YSL suit years ago at Neimans, and I still haven't found an occasion worthy of the suit. It has since aged and yellowed....I learned from that... never to buy anything if I don't know when I'll use it....

  2. Love the new blog look and that was some good shopping darling, that outfit looks amazing! How you feel in those clothes is even more special, fun is the new black. Enjoy your clothes lovely. axx

  3. Wow what a fantastic sparkly outfit!! I'm so jealous of your Anthropologie sweater-- waited for it to go on sale but then missed it in my size! Love it on you though!

  4. Aren't you so pretty and sparkly. Did you darken your hair a bit? It looks very pretty. :)

  5. you look lovely! I have a very similar cardigan from LOFT and I've yet to wear it. you inspired me to get it out!
    visiting from the Pleated Poppy!

  6. You pull it off again! Love how you are rockin that outfit Tamera! I just love those shooties!!!

    Did you get a haircut? SO gorgeous!

  7. I love every single thing you are wearing. Especially the shoes! So cute!

  8. Wow, Tamera! You are ROCKIN' your Anthro steals! So impressed!

    I would absolutely love it if you would link this up at Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!

    So looking forward to seeing you there!


  9. Tamera, you look smashing! I love all these pieces, esp those fab shoes. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

  10. I love the outfit, I just wish I could have seen it from the front. Are the shoes purple? Can't tell. I didnt realize Anthropolgie had clothes this cute!!

  11. This is the happiest outfit I've seen all day! Love the Mui Mui-esq shoes. Absolutely fabulous!

  12. You are rockin' that outfit Ms Tamera! Loving the sparkles...lets go party!!

  13. I love it, too. Your blog is very heartfelt and personal. I really appreciate that.

  14. Hi Tamera! I'm stopping by from Monday Mingle! LOVE this outfit and I JUST bought those pants at Anthro last week :) Was debating on the cardigan too, it's gorgeous... So...are we still friends if I tell you that I got those pants for $39??? Hope you'll stop by!

  15. J'adore the sparkle! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!