my week with instagram....

The morning sun on my beautiful tulip arrangement I did for my bed table..
picked theses beauties up at Costco and added them into a repurposed jam jar.

 This beautiful 'flower', is actually kale, yes, cabbage's relative.
The Four Seasons Hotel worked them in to arrangements
 bursting with a multitude of whites and tropical leaves.

 Roses bunched amid the giant tropic leaves.

 Lighting care of Four Seasons

 Inspired....planting has begun here.

 Saturday's flea market favorite find of the day.

 My accomplice in my favorite morning ritual.

I had my first chemical peel this week....
still too soon to know the value of the outcome
....there has been a lot more involved than my research indicated....

Our DIY bathroom remodel continues....slowly

wishing you love and joy
 as you style


  1. Simple and fancy beauty. All so lovely.

  2. LOVE your instagram pics to the max! your chemical peel looks really beautiful, I think it's suiting you.
    and that Kale, xoxo

  3. Love instagram!! Your skin looks awesome! :) Love all your flowers too!