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savoring the season...

Today my courtyard is now decorated...

pillows in place.....

my front gardens planted 
and fluffed for the winter....

all that being said...
this week has been one of those weeks
no matter how much
I feel I accomplish...
there is still so very  much more to do...
this is
my holiday joy sometimes goes array.

This year I am refusing travel down the dark path of
holiday pressure and discontent....
I will repeat my new found mantra

and remind my self daily
(really for me, all day long)
  neither do the holidays
 have to be perfect 
to be wonderful
I will allow myself to slow down
to really savor the season 
the family and friends
I am so blessed to have in my life.

wishing you love and joy
as you style your life
and savor your seasons


  1. Sure wish I could come over and sit with you on that sofa! What would we drink? :)

  2. Annette is a sweet and wise woman! Your seating area looks beautiful! :)

  3. j'adore tes coussins et ta déco