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Christmas homecoming....

 my wonderful daughter
returns from college 
for the
Christmas holidays....
to have everyone 

such a gift of the season....

wishing you love and joy
as you style your life
and savor the season


  1. How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time with her!! I know you will! Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way!! <3

  2. Ohmygsh, what a JOY and treat for you ! I am so happy for you Tamera, enjoy enjoy and savor it , I know you will. I look forward to hearing and seeing in pictures just how beautiful it will all be. I love your decor here!!! so so so sweet!

  3. BTW, did you make that tree with all the buttons etc. on it? It looks like it might be one of those hard foam trees you buy at Michael's or JoAnn or something and then you put what you want on it?
    I could DO THAT!!!

  4. gina Ellis made the button tree...and yes, just what you said plus a hot glue gone and a collection of vintage goodies +buttons...and yes you CAN DO THAT! It.s a really fun project!

  5. love those little ginger bread man cookies, very cute