the booth is up...

 With 2 and 1/2 weeks until the
debut of my shop at the

my booth is up!

Jeff labored all weekend to get 
the main bones done....

 He had already made the
 wooden and canvas frame
a couple of weeks ago...

 this weekend 
folding panels were added
(the entire booth must fold down for travel)

Screens of chicken wire were added
as I designed the booth 
to shop from' the walls'
making use of every square inch

tables were made..

the bare bones are up and running!!

and now for the fun part...
adding in the pieces 
of my new collection....

I am beyond excited!!!

Wishing you love and joy
 as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by

thank you so much Jeff!!


  1. Oh yay!!! It sounds and looks wonderful!I'm sure it will all look as fabulous as you have planned!

  2. THIS is beyond amazing!! I only wish I could be there to see it in real life.