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what I wore Wednesday....

Posting  what I wore each week  sure makes me cognitive
of how fast the weeks 
seem to slide on by.

and I am wondering
whether posting 
each week is a good idea 
for me....

I have improved what I wear each week....

the critical voice within
is starting to 
whisper a little louder
each week...

I find myself
hiding behind
editing techniques...

 and trying to make everything look just so.....

I have a lot of respect for all the woman
who post
week after week....
there is a lot more to it than meets 
the eye...

as the weeks go on

I have found it to be
harder than it looks.....

as always

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life!


  1. The pictures are great and you look great! I love that hat!

  2. I enjoy every week, Tamera! You just tell that critical voice to be quiet and mind its own business! :)

    I love all the white in this outfit! :)

  3. Thank you Linda and I will take your wise advice!

  4. I agree! Good for you for listening - that Linda is a wise one indeed.