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what I wore Wednesday....

It's working.... the concept of What I Wore Wednesday.  The idea that by posting once a week, it adds accountability to what I wear each week.
Which encourages me to put more effort (at least for me on Tuesday)
into what I wear.

I really have started to think more about what I wear during the whole week
and about my wardrobe overall.
When I was younger I prided myself on my wardrobe.

This is probably about my sixth week doing WIWW,
and slowly.... it is making a difference.

  1. I realized I wear some version of white pants, all summer.
  2. I realized I could vary this concept and step up.
  3. At least once a week I put time into coming up with a different outfit.
  4. This made packing for my recent trip much easier, because I knew outfits that worked.
  5. Shooting different outfits has made me realize some items I own, just don't work, no they are not posted, rather I have edited them from my wardrobe.
  6. Once a week I have done maintenance on my wardrobe, hems, polishing, ect. that have been undone for too long.
  7. Most importantly.........
  8. I have realized I don't need more clothes......rather....
  9. I need to put more time into working with what I have.

The dress is DKNY
I have had it for two years and never really wore it.
It had a different belt and always felt a little too fancy for it's intended purpose,
I wanted a sitting on the porch, easy hostessing vibe.

Because it was WIWW and (100 degrees),
I put time into thinking of a different solution, changed the belt,
and I LOVE it now.

That's what effort over just running out for a quick fix 
can do!

Thank you Lindsy for your inspiring.....

What I wore Wednesday!

Wishing you love and joy
as you style your life

thanks so for stopping by.


  1. Looking good honey, I am glad it is not just me that buys clothes for a purpose that I don't really do...hehe. That dress looks wonderful and easy, breezy which is a big factor in this heat. Well done, loving your style, have a great week honey. ax

  2. love your hoops with your hair up! :)

  3. You look ethereal, Tamera! Love how you styled it with the bun and hoops. Beautiful! :)

  4. Thank you all for your very sweet comments!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love this glamorous :)
    I really like your list that you wrote...I can so relate to all you shared...especially about realizing you don't need new clothes but instead rocking what you got by changing things up a bit. love it!

  6. Absolutely looove the dress and you in it! You are purrfect for one another. You're right, the belt is the added wow!!

  7. I love this dress! You should definitely wear it more often.
    I'm stalking your WIWW's - in case you're wondering.

  8. You look wonderful on that dress. I like particurlarly the last shot of magical!