Searching for breakfast....San Diego edition...

This weeks search for breakfast found Ellis (my beautiful daughter), and I
in sunny San Diego
where we scouted the night before
to find our morning
breakfast destination.

We found the incredibly chic, Currant,
whose brunch menu had no buffet!!
I don't like getting up for my food I tell you!

The food was quite tasty and reasonably priced
but of more importance to me
the interior was 
elegant, chic and hip and Oh so STylish!
Great design always makes good food taste even better!

Every view had something
to see
in a quiet, you have to look kind of way,
not the HEY look at tHis!

In one alcove
they played beautiful old movies 
on regally framed screens
Breakfast at Tiffany's
(so appropriate)
never looked so good!

The food was great and the design element even stronger!

My favorite design element was how they so masterfully
wove their namesake 'currants'
throughout the restaurant
in both color and image'
Kudos my dear Currant!!