Se San Diego.....

On our walking tour of downtown San Diego Jeff and I also found the Se San Diego.  Like most of the other upscale boutique hotels, it had almost no signage from the outside.  I suppose this is because you have to be 'cool' enough to 'know where it is'.  This hotel has the smallest mark by the left side of the grandiose swinging door.  

The Se materials spoke to my aesthetic, Texture, texture, texture!  In waves of river rock, walls of butcher block, harlequin tiles, slate walls chiseled with phrases.  All plaid out in a balanced symphony of organic neutrals.....Ahhh......

Throughout the public places there was a feeling of calm opulence and lavish tranquility.

The bathroom was the most stylish I had ever seen, Even my husband was excited by the austere clean design,  The whole room was tiled in pebbles, floor to ceiling!

It was a perfectly designed bathroom, except for one thing.  We soon realized this UBER hip hotel bathroom off the dining room, was a his and hers.  Yep, it was a one room for all!  The individual stalls were completely private, (no urinals), with just one light in the floor giving just barely enough light to see 
the essentials.

I LOve the design of the Se, but I know I am not cool enough to enjoy a his and her bathroom experience!

Wishing you Love and joy
as you style your life!

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  1. LOL! I am certainly not cool enough either and plan to stay that way.

  2. Hmmm... his and hers, huh? That would be pushing it for me, too! But I love the textures! :0)

  3. I love that you check out the bathrooms