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what I wore Wednesday....

I can't believe it's  already time for  another  'what i wore Wednesday'.
The main reason I participate
 is so at least once a week I put some thought into what I wear,
because most days, I must admit I don't make much of an effort for one reason or another.

This week I looked into my closet, and being tired of all,
 found inspiration instead in my collection of wooden necklaces.
My necklaces have hung in the same spot for years,
without any wear.
But because I was looking for 'Wednesday' inspiration'
I  saw them
And was able to pull pieces together for a 
'new outfit'.
doing'Wednesday's has helped me see what I do have,
and use it and not long just for what is  new.
Whether you blog or not I highly recommend
using the Wednesday idea to see your wardrobe and accessories 
in new light.
The outfit breakdown:
white jeans- TJ max
Hat-hand me down from my son
straw bag- old friend
wooden bead collection- many years 
caged shoes-INC Macy's

my bracelets I have collected over time, the beautiful piece with the 'charm' is from my new collection
which is still 'under construction'.

These necklaces grew into a 'collection over the years,
not on purpose,
just little by little.
I know some of them were even made with beads my kids had.
I didn't even realize until now,
how old they actually are,
years just slide by.

 A great necklace tip I'd love to share....
with the trend of necklaces tying in the back,
a very simple way to get a necklace to hang just where you want it,
simply tie on ribbon,
or I used cotton strips.
to each end leaving long ends.
then simply tie it at the neck to hang wherever you want it to hit in the front.
so simple
It can breathe a whole new life into a piece!

the shoes- just liked the photo....

straw bag.....ditto

Gorgeous straw fedora.....hand me down from my gorgeous son, Slater
(When my kids were little I had them all wear hats also...
we were know as the 'hat family....who lived at the jungle house...
I also love a lush garden ).

He wore the hat so well!
(he's 6 foot three now)

So you see, the point of my Wednesday posts isn't
look at me,
but hopefully to encourage us all to
look a little deeper into our own closets,
to see what we do own in a new light

for with new eyes, inspiration and creativity
i believe.....
 we all have more than we know!

wishing you love and joy
as you style your life!

As usual i'm linking up with the lovely Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy



  1. What a great collection of natural jewelry. I want to snatch it all up and wear them every day! Instead I *will* steal that necklace refresher tip. Hope you don't mind. :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. So happy to share the the necklace tip Alissa, enjoy!

  3. I love the wood beads and how you put a bunch of necklaces together. Great summer look.

  4. I love all the textures... so pretty! And I love the camp shirt... I'm on the lookout for an olive colored one! Your son is absolutely adorable! :)

  5. I love all the accessories! They really make the outfit :)

  6. Love all of your accessories! Thanks for the necklace tip! I am new to What I Wore Wednesday so seeing all of everyone's different ideas definitely have my wheels turning! I am learning accessories are key to expressing personality!

  7. Your outfit looks comfortable and very stylish, love it!
    Hugs, cindy