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my mantle's newest incarnation.....

 My mantle has changed once again for summer.

 After all the fourth of July color, I was perfectly happy with the mantle edited down to neutral, even enjoying my rice filled jars.
Then some beautiful 6 inch hydrangeas came my way.
At first I winced when I saw them, rather than seeing their magnificent beauty,
I saw more work.
It has been really hot here in Southern California recently
and I have spent much time 
tending the garden.
I brought the hydrangeas inside to protect then until I could find them a home.
Then it hit me,
I could use them on my mantle.
and sure enough as kismet would have it, 
I had six plants.
 Believing always in quick and easy decorating, there was no way I was going to plant these in the urns....
even if they would fit.

 Instead I simply wrapped the plastic containers with craft paper  that I rolled  and crunched....
and voila.
instant containers.
I love the look of the throw away paper
with the classic iron urns.

 Now I am enjoying my beautiful white hydrangeas
that have found a perfect  and easy home.

 Aren't they gorgeous!
I actually prefer decorating with live plants,
rather than cut flowers,
because I can replant them outside afterwards.
My garden is overflowing for just this reason,
 I have been here....
a long time.

Wishing you love and joy as you style your life!

thanks so for stopping by


  1. Your new hydrangeas are so beautiful on the mantle like that. The craft paper are an excellent idea! Love it, I think I will use it some time.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Gorgeous! I love the extravagance and simplicity at the same time!