midlife meanderings.......

Yes, I absolutely admit it.......midlife......thats where I am.  

Hopefully past the crisis point.....

I have had at least a year of one.

But now I want to concentrate on the advantages of midlife,


my kids are almost grown
it still hurts 
but not as often.

some days it's really fun!

Like today,
my boys left for camp
my daughter left for work
an entire day devoted to doing

Whatever I want,
reading, writing, thinking,
taking pictures,
just reflecting.

Today I have the time,
and I am So grateful

I am going to learn to celebrate middle age 
I tell you

because really 
what is the other option?

wishing you love and joy 
as you style 
and celebrate
your life!

thanks for stopping by


  1. Being content where we are is so difficult, isn't it? But so important. I had a midlife crisis early... my husband said it's not fair & that he was supposed to have it! :)