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I felt like I was 10 again,

Yes, I felt like 10 again today, just not in a good way.

In the way when your two good friends become even better friends
and you have become the peripheral friend.

let in enough
to see the new 

and better friendship

just that

you are no longer 
a part of it

For the life of me,
I can not believe
at my age
I can be so transported back 

to the same feeling
of being 10.

and not in a good way.

I don't believe in being self deprecating, but really this little girl looks like she might have had a few more friendship problems 
than I was
aware of.... 


  1. Oh my gosh! You have read my mind! I was just thinking about several sets of friends that I have/had. I don't want to hear about all that they do together or what they talked about last. Take comfort, mine all take trips together for one reason or another. Isn't life really just a replay of high school, over and over again? Kinda Groundhog Day-ish. Whatever, I say. And by the way, bangs are always in style, you wear them well!

  2. Thanks christy, you always know just the right thing to say! Thanks so for sharing my dear friend!

  3. I hate it when that happens! I think we all have a little girl inside that just wants to fit in and have a kindred spirit.