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Huntington Beach.....

This week Ellis and I headed to downtown Huntington Beach, also known and named by the city....Surf City, USA.  Having grown up about five miles away, in Fountain Valley, I wasn't expecting any big surprises, just another day surrounded by the beautiful surf culture one expects from the area. 

But we were excitedly surprised when we walked into the lobby of the Shorebreak Hotel!  From the outside I wasn't expecting to be met with an interior that was not only stylish, but was able to absorb the culture and portray it in a fresh and artful manner.

The walls of the ground floor 'lobby' are awash in huge canvases of brilliantly colored
surf art.

But the excitement begins to mount upon seeing gorgeous interior spaces where you can
park your boards....

and your bikes.  Everyday objects of the areas surf culture feel like part of an ever changing art installment.

The fresh  feeling of excitement mounts with the huge stairway 'mural'.

Ellis and I knew immediately where we were to have our morning breakfast!

The menu did not disappoint.  I realized this week I never have pictures of our breakfasts, still new to blogging and picture taking, and being Really hungry by the time we actually get our food, I am always half way into breakfast before I even think of taking a picture. Next time I will try to remember, sorry, too, because the french toast here was Really worth a picture!
The restaurant at the Shorebreak captures California casual perfectly while offering  it in a new an eclectic manner.  It feels open and somewhat intimate at the same time.

Colors of Marrakesh are mixed eloquently with Danish Modern chairs, bamboo chests and almost life size photos of ordinary happy people. The designers were able to mix together so much of the varied cultures and variety that is Huntington Beach, but do it in a way that is oh so stylish and sophisticated!

Another design detail that made me just about giddy with delight are on the doors to each of the hotel rooms.
They are 3 dimensional boxes, with a different photo in each.  But the real kicker is that each of these boxes has actual sand inside and the sand really moves when the door does.  So each time this little box of 'art' changes just a little, 
But my very, very favorite piece of art at the Shorebreak is this huge one that spans the entire wall.
It is made entirely of WETSUITS.
This piece more than any here, speaks to the Shorbreak's success at being able to capture the areas surf culture,
but in a brand new exciting and artful way.

Wishing you love and joy as you style your life!

thanks so for stopping by.

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  1. Great photos...I've never been there but your post makes me want to go. I'm loving the sand idea.
    xo jana