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Finding a place......

 Why does organizing pieces for my collection
stir up so much emotion and anxiety for me?

 I am someone who thrives on organization...
I really have a place for everything ...and everything in it's place


I thought....

but organizing these pieces of what can be...

has stirred deep.

 In it I see my
inability to organize
and put in order
all the pieces of my life.

 I used to pride myself 
in knowing where
everything went...

what was right..

Now as the parent of 
three teenagers
I'm not so sure.

I am the first to admit
I have been overly controlling.
I didn't mean to be....
I just thought what I was doing was the right way.

 Now life and my family
have taught me otherwise.

So... if my way isn't really the only way....

I must learn to
change and do things

Which means....

I just don't know where everything goes


just the the 'right place'

for everything

right now...
 I can only give myself  permission
to try things differently

to be flexible

to learn to live outside my comfort zone.

for it to be ok. not to
see it all clearly

that I don't have to have all the answers

I can rearrange things


I'll just keep trying

until things



work well together


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