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What I wore Wednesday....

Today I'm linking up with Lindsy, at the Pleated Poppy.  Each week she and many others post their outfits in a collaborative fashion inspiration.  I thought I'd join in!

This is one of my favorite go to outfits right now.  I love the versatility, comfort and drama of the pieces.
                                           1. long sweater vest- Anthropologie
                                           2. tunic- Target - I reworked the sides so it would drape and move the
                                                                      I wanted it to
                                           3. white jeans-BadgleyMischka (TJMax)
                                  Tory Burch- Neiman Marcus
                                           5. purse-Juicy- Neiman Marcus
                                           6. necklace- Tamera Beardsley

I love these shoes so much they sat out as a decorative piece in my room for a whole season.
They were a birthday splurge two years ago and I still love them today!
My clothes and accessories feel like friends to me.  I am happy with my pieces whether I buy them at discount stores, high end retailers or create them myself.  I buy pieces I love, no matter their origins.
My white leather Juicy purse has been with me for a while.  I just saw it in an old photo and realize it is six years old!  Each year I have refreshed it's white leather so it still looks brand new!  I believe in making some luxury pieces but insist they will be something that brings me joy for more than the moment!

My favorite necklace of the moment!  I took pearls I purchased years ago from Loehmans  and attached
a beautiful shell Hunter had given to me for Mother's Day, many  years ago. I have had the piece for quite some time, but now have fallen in love with it!  I love the scale and the mixture of textures so much it has become one of the inspiration pieces in my new collection!

Ironically, right after I took the original photos I went to hang it back in it's home in my room, I didn't quite make it to the hook, it slipped and shattered (and it shattered beautifully, I might add!). Luckily I knew how to replace it!

pleated poppy


  1. So glad I found your post thru WWIW. That necklace is amazing - and those shoes: love them.

  2. I LOVE you blog.. I found you also thro WWIW. Your fireplace mantel is amazing by the way!~

  3. Love the way you put together your outfit. And your photos.
    And those shoes? To die for.

    Stopping by from WIWW.

  4. I love your photo collages and the necklace looks stunning on you.

  5. You look like you stepped out of the French Riviera! :)