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A transforming room....

 This room has been many things lately.  It has evolved and changed as our family  evolves and changes.

 For years it had served as my office.  As the boys grew and needed their own room, it became Hunter's room.

 When Ellis left for college, Hunter moved upstairs to her old room.

 The room then was transformed into a 'guest room'.

During the day I still sometimes work from here.

 But  when Ellis returns for vacation, the room will pack down,  becoming a blank canvas. My pretties will be stored in attractive boxes above, on shelves that are easily accessible. Out  of the other boxes above, will come Ellis's pieces. The room will again transform itself .

 Giving Ellis the opportunity to put her vision into the room.  To become what she needs it to be.  Ellis will return different from the girl who left for college.  She will be older and wiser, with this room she will have the opportunity to merge her own history with the woman she is becoming.

This room is a beautiful representation of my learning to appreciate the positive force of.... transformation.  Learning to appreciatie life's transformation whether  within a room, a family, or on a personal level. To embrace the change. To be grateful.


  1. I wish I could be like you. So malleable, willing to accept change. I go kicking and screaming, maybe not outwardly for all to see. But in my heart, my head. I fear. Sometimes to my own detriment. But I follow you. For you do what others fear, what others are afraid of doing, seeing, feeling. Thank you, my dear, dear friend. You and Ellis are the result of a gracious God.