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One planter a day....

 I have stayed true to my personal goal of grooming one planter a day, for one hour a day.  It was the advice I gave myself to break down, what at the time, felt like an overwhelming project. To take back my gardens from the neglect I had payed them.
 I can now report, my 'self' advice worked.  My gardens are now groomed, fed, and beautiful.  But I realize now, along the way, I got a lot more than my gardens back
 In the process of gardening I realized it's fine not to be happy all the time, but raising the bar on yourself, all the time, so you can never feel successful, is...., well..., just mean and really self defeating.
 I have adopted a new personal creed regarding work.
 Tiny steps plus intention
 Will equal success.
 My biggest gift while trimming back my climbing roses, was the realization that my unrelenting anger was really just hurt and sorrow that my kids have grown up. 
 Which led to the realization that I am responsible for my own happiness.
 That it really is time for me to move on to my next phase in life.
 To be open and excited to what lies ahead.  To be grateful for the opportunity.
Why so much personal realization while gardening?  Because in  the garden is where I feel closer to.... God.


  1. Looks like some pruning has been done, both inside and out, and it all looks good. Nice work. Now can you do me and my garden?

  2. Great insight! Loved "watching" the process and will be looking for more.

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